2 Years of Blogging!

I can’t believe I have officially been blogging here for two years!!

It might be dorky to get so excited at this

but hear me out.

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a blogger. Seriously. Right after I graduated college, my brother built me a website so I could write monologue jokes and blog about whatever came to mind. At first I enjoyed it and felt encouraged by the few people following me.

Then I realized it was more trouble than it was worth. Coming up with late night talk show-style jokes is hard for just one person. The pressure to create content every few days, plus the worry that I could possibly offend someone with a topical joke (never happened but I’m an overthinker/worrier) brought me to an abrupt stop.

But I still felt I had a lot to say. I just didn’t know how to go about it, or how to make it interesting. So I had my brother build me another website where I talked about TV shows and movies. Again, I got caught up in making this one work.

Again, it didn’t hold my interest.

Then after I signed with Carrie she suggested I start a blog.

“Here we go again with the blog thing,” I thought to myself, wishing desperately I could find my footing with it. So I started writing about makeup products and nearly gave up again after about ten months.

That’s when I learned I have to be ME. Not try to be a late night talk show host, or a TV critic, or a makeup expert. I’m a writer. Why not talk writing???

I LOVE my little corner of the web and I have met the most amazing writers and bloggers this past year. Thank you everyone who pops in and says hi. <3


have some cake!!

How long have you been blogging???