Day to Night

I’ll admit it: When girls flood a YouTuber’s comments’ section with pleas to watch their unknown videos, I’ll check out said videos (before it’s marked as spam, of course). I do it to give them an extra view. I feel really bad for anyone trying to start a beauty channel now–all YouTubers had to start somewhere, and now it seems close to impossible to break into the beauty community (unless maybe you’re friends with one of the major gurus).

So when the big time gurus get to the point in their career where they’re offered hosting opportunities on other channels, it seems to cause an uproar among subscribers. Especially the subs who are so desperate to break in any way they can, and would be willing to upload a video every day of the week to make it happen.

Below is a video from almost exactly one year ago. Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi (probably my fav YouTuber) is doing a “Get Ready with Me!” — which went on to become her most popular style of video (LOVE these videos!!)

Now, within the past couple of months Ingrid has been named the new host of Awesomeness TV’s “Make Me Over” series. Which is so fun, and a great opportunity for her. Definitely something different from her usual content on her own channel.

I understand why these girls are branching out and taking the jobs. It’s obviously super fun, and a change of pace. But it just kind of sucks when they cut back to one video every other week on their main channel–the channels that catapulted them to YouTube fame in the first place. When they were trying hard to build a subscriber base, I remember being so excited when at least three uploads a week popped up in my inbox.

Does it frustrate you when gurus cut back to branch out, or do you understand where they’re coming from??

Day to Night

I wish YouTube makeup tutorials were popular when I was interning. I would have had a million “Day to Night Makeup” looks to choose from.

Makeup was pretty much the last thing on my mind when I was getting ready in the morning for my internships. My main concern was remembering my ID Badge (you never wanted to be THAT intern, because THAT intern had to go through the day with a paper visitor’s pass), and my wallet. That being said, I still woke up extra early to do a simple, work-friendly look. But then when bonds formed and interns started planning nights out after work, I realized I needed to start packing some stuff with me to transition my makeup at the end of the day for a little extra pop.

There was one problem: Being a Long Island commuter, I already carried a huge tote with me every day that was jam.freaking.packed with stuff. Including a second, smaller handbag that I used specifically for runs (I am God-awful at math, and was terrified I’d screw up a staffer’s change with my own money. So, yes, I had a “Run Purse”). Cramming in an extra bag for makeup seemed impossible. But I love a good challenge, so in true Russian Doll fashion I stashed my makeup bag inside my Run Bag inside my large tote bag.

Mary Poppins couldn’t have done it better.

I found the best and easiest way to transition from a day to night look was with a brighter lipstick and winging out the eyeliner. I also brought a cute little kabuki brush if I needed to touch up my foundation.

On a related note, on the last day before winter break, I knew we were going out for the night. There was a festive, pre-holiday vibe in the air. I decided to spend the work day in my “fun night out” makeup, that included a turquoise liner on my lower lash line. I also wore a fancy top all day. I’ll admit it: I felt slightly silly working dressed like that, (maybe because the top had sequins?) but whenever a staffer gave me a funny look I was all, “Whatevs. I’m partying later. Jealous?” (Okay, maybe I only thought that to myself).
To make matters worse, for some inexplicable reason, my house lost power that morning when I was halfway through straightening my hair.

Why am I mentioning all this? Because that was the day Conan O’Brien granted us our long-awaited intern pictures.

I might share that picture one day.

I also might not.

Nail Art

When it comes to all things makeup and beauty, I have to admit it: I neglect my nails. I keep them shaped and all, but I only apply nail polish about once a month. I have a ton of it (exhibit a) Untitled

and I have every intention to dig in, but it always just seems like a lot of work. Especially considering it always chips almost instantly.

But then I’ll watch MissJenFabulous’ nail art tutorials on YouTube (like I did tonight), and get inspired. (exhibit b)


Nail art

This was from her Spring nail art tutorial. She makes it look so easy, because her techniques are super easy and adorable. Plus, I modify by usually only doing one accent nail (even easier!) I did this bubbly flower design with my dotting tools…and I’m pretty much in love with it. I think I’m going to try and keep up some form of nail polish once a week, especially in the summer months.

How about you? Go the extra mile for a design, or content with just a clean look of polish?



It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite YouTuber, but when a new upload from Ingrid Nilsen (better known as Missglamorazzi) pops up in my subscription box, I get pretty excited. She’s sweet, she’s bubbly, and you can’t help but smile while watching her.

Recently Ingrid teamed up with her good friend, (and another guru I love), FleurdeForce, to film the ever controversial haul video. Of course the girls got a lot of hate. Haul videos always do. Some viewers love to watch as the girls display all the purchases of their recent shopping trips. Plenty of viewers don’t. The comments’ section is like a warzone. Some people defend the gurus, saying this is their job and it’s their right to purchase high-end. Others claim it’s braggy and obnoxious to sit around, flaunting your expensive makeup and clothes.

Then, more often than not, the commenters start fighting with each other.

Either way, love ’em or hate ’em, haul videos (and the comments that come with them) are always entertaining.

Are you Team Haul? Personally, I love them. Even if I can’t afford a fraction of what the gurus are showing, they’re only trying to give us ideas on upcoming trends. YouTube gives me better and more current insight into the fashion and makeup world than a fashion magazine. Plus, it’s free, and doesn’t leave my hands smelling like perfume samples.