Makeup Storage!

One of the first things i noticed when I started watching YouTube makeup tutorials was how incredibly organized these girls are.

Thankfully, they started doing Makeup Storage videos in an effort to show us creative, cool ways to organize.

These are the ideas I adopted as my own methods of organization:

Chest of drawers. Granted, I owned this already for clothes! I just emptied my clothes out (which also feeds into my never-ending anti-hoarding obsession–I’m paranoid/terrified of hoarding and so I do the opposite: I throw EVERYTHING AWAY ALL THE TIME)



Mesh letter holders for palettes



Here’s a look at how I store my makeup in each drawer.

Random face products (blush/highlight/powders/etc)



Single shadows and random, small shadow compacts (not sure why I bother with contact paper.)




More palettes that wouldn’t fit in the letter holder



I just keep brushes in the holders they came in, or I put them in tall brightly colored cups from Target!






And there you have it!! How do you store your makeup??

Always Be Prepared (with Makeup)


I’ve always said that no matter what the circumstance, I’d always have some makeup with me in case of an emergency getaway.

Days before Hurricane Sandy I had an emergency bag in case I had to evacuate. That bag included some foundation and brushes.

It also might have included some eye shadows because I swatch when I’m nervous.

Thankfully I never had to use the kit, since our home was spared any damage.

Now, cut to last Sunday night. I’m tucked away in my room after dinner, happily revising (on a roll, too) when the carbon monoxide detector starts to go off.

This happens all the time. And it’s always, always the batteries.

Long story short, it wasn’t the batteries. There was a leak from the stove, and 911 said get the hell out.

And I was like, no.

And they were like, now.

And I was like, but there’s still time, surely–

And they were like, NOW.

I’m not too proud to admit that yes, I thought about throwing on foundation. It’s not shallow of me. When I’m stressed my skin goes very red, and I didn’t want the firemen calling an ambulence thinking I had CO poisoning or something. But, there was no time.

All I had time to do was everything important: find my cat and get her in her carrier (she hates that thing with a passion, and it can result in a lot of crying, pleading, and hysteria. She gets upset too.) Luckily she knew I meant business and I got her in pretty fast.

Next was my manuscript, which is stored on my USB port. I also grabbed my laptop, and my phone too.

And that was it.

No makeup.

So when the neighbors I barely know started coming from every which way I kind of slunk down in the back of the car and hid behind Pudding’s carrier.

Thankfully the leak wasn’t too bad. After about an hour the house was safe again.

When I got back inside my room I looked around at all the things I’d left behind that I CANNOT BELIEVE I LEFT BEHIND.

1) my nightguard/Phillips Sonicare Flexcare Plus toothbrush. The barest of necessities.

2) my Kindle

3) my Hanson collection

4) my inhaler (it’s expired, but it still probably would have worked). This was kind of an important thing to forget since I tend to have full on panic attacks during a crisis.

5) my diploma (come on, I worked hard for that bitch)

Granted, I would have been allowed back inside for anything dire for a few minutes if I had to evacuate overnight. But I doubt the firemen would have condoned my standing around applying foundation with my Sigma angled top kabuki brush while they tried to rid the house of the poisonous, odorless gas.

I guess the Boy Scouts were right and we should always be prepared.

What are your go-to grabs in an emergency???

#TBT: My Intern Picture!

All right. Here it is. Also, here is the explanation as to why I look the way that I look.


The 10 Ways I Procrastinate

I’ve been immersed in revisions on my manuscript these past few weeks. It’s almost more of a rewrite than a revision, but I’m super excited about it. After a great brainstorming session with my awesome agent I dived in head first and already I can see that it is So.Much.Better.

Of course, with revisions comes a million ways for me to put off doing them. Last month I talked about my writing process, but now I’m going to talk about my procrastination process.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they choose to distract themselves. Below is a complete list of what I do to get out of doing something.


1. Catching up on my DVRed Wheel of Fortunes.

Especially when stuff like this happens



2. Food Network.




3. Making a snack since watching Food Network makes me hungry.



4. Twitter. 

Namely, tweeting Food Network talent.









In my defense, I heard a rumor there was going to be an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (seriously, how many of these will UD be able to crank out? How many variations of neutrals are there??), and if I hadn’t gone on the website to dig around I wouldn’t know this rumor is in fact TRUE.

Also, this could fit into the category of research since my main character is a YouTube makeup guru.

Unfortunately, this tends to result in my tweeting to Sephora about my purchases.





6. Catching up on my TMZ news.


This may be the most dangerous one of all. I tell myself I’m only reading one article about one celebrity and before i know it I’ve spent hours on the internet reading the same version of one story via six different outlets (well, maybe Perez Hilton will have a quote from a different, more reliable source…or hey, Just Jared could have a whole other spin!) It’s just good sense to thoroughly research your celeb news, even if it can take a huge chunk out of a perfectly good writing day.

Some examples of stories that have resulted in me wasting an entire day are: 1) Zac Efron busting his jaw in a freak accident. 2) the Jonas Brothers breaking up. 3) everything Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have ever done. 4) any interesting celebrity factoid that may enrich my life, like this doozy:


Immersing myself in this online gossip tends to lead to back to #4, and this is when I start tweeting to celebrities. Usually things like: “WHY DOES THE MEDIA HATE YOU SO, LINDSAY?!”

And getting responses like this one:





And telling them I think they look great in their selfie.




7. Running around, squealing that an A-list celebrity has acknowledged my existence.




8. Watching Hanson concert clips on YouTube.

okay, I take back my previous statement: THIS is the most dangerous one of all for me.



And I really don’t have an excuse for it. One live performance quickly becomes seventeen and before I know it I’m sucked into the endless Hanson YouTube abyss.



No, Tay. The only thing stopping me is your band’s ridiculous talent distracting me from writing.

I can’t help it. Just try not to be hypnotized. JUST TRY.



I’ve recently taken the necessary steps to ban myself from looking up Hanson while I revise.


9. Watching endless YouTube Makeup Tutorials.

Now, this IS research, since, as I said, my MC is a YouTube guru.




10. Blogging about procrastination.



How do YOU procrastinate?? Let’s all help each other put something off, together!

#TBT: NBC Orientation Prizes



Orientation day at NBC was a long one. All the interns gathered early in HR where we were subjected to a bunch of films, powerpoint presentations, and lectures to prep us for our time with the network.

One thing that surprised me was how SNL and Conan interns were shunned by everyone. The head of HR made it clear we were not of the same caliber as the other shows’ interns, since we had no dress code (and, in her opinion, no manners).

She kind of made us out to be the bad seeds of the schoolyard, mingling with the civilized, educated children. We were “those late night kids.” During the ten minute powerpoint presentation on “Dress for Success” and how we were encouraged to “Dress for the job we want, not the job we have,” she turned an exasperated eye on us and said: “You late night kids won’t get anything out of this.” Then everyone gave us a long and painful onceover.

While us Conan/SNL kids all lounged back in our chairs in our jeans, sneakers, and college sweatshirts, the Nightly News with Brian Williams and Today Show interns were there to impress. They sat ramrod straight, hands folded in front of them, and they all took detailed notes. The guys wore loafers, khakis, blazers and ties, and the girls wore knee length skirts with cardigans, or dresses and sensible Mary Janes.

It wasn’t fair to cast this divide between us. Our individual shows had different rules. Since working in late night is a more relaxed environment (we’re doing a lot more runs, too) we were allowed to dress for comfort.

But then something happened. I was paying serious attention to everything the Pages had to tell us. I hung off of every word out of the HR head’s mouth. That’s when my Conan friends started teasing me for being a “dork.” I even wound up high-fiving a nice and smartly dressed Today show intern at one point.

Anyway, I got the last laugh, because there was a verbal quiz, and I answered every question correctly. And I won my choice of a special promotional poster. I could pick from ER, Friends, 30 Rock, and House. I chose Friends since it’s my ALL TIME FAVORITE show.

I also won this cool NBC notebook:



In conclusion, it pays to pay attention.

Cocoa and Bananas and Jojoba…Oh My.

I have the same New Years Resolution every single year: make body moisturizing a part of my daily routine.

I finally started seriously doing it this past winter and I realized something: it’s less of a chore if the stuff smells like a baked good.


The only thing that can be confusing is the sheer variety of moisturizers. It used to be that you simply picked whichever cream did the job. Now we have whipped body butters and shea cocoa moisturizers, moisture milks, and skin smoothies. Then there are the oils pressed from pomegranates or grape seeds, and straight maracuja or jojoba oils.

You can even get your fix via moisture bar. I have this one made of avocados and bananas that’s meant to be used on damp skin.


It’s enough to overwhelm even the most savvy beauty/skin care connoisseur (and if that savvy connoisseur could tell me what exactly jojoba is, I’d be grateful. It is fun to say though, isn’t it?)

Also, it all makes me very hungry.

In the end it really boils down to your skin type. Personally, I like straight oils in winter, when my skin needs some extra TLC, and I also really love the LUSH Sympathy for the Skin cream moisturizer because it smells like bananas and vanilla. I find the better the stuff smells the more likely I am to use it.

What’s your moisture of choice??

#TBT: Cue Cards

Cue cards


Cue cards

As I’ve mentioned, the last few weeks at Conan were one giant free-for-all. I raided the cue card area backstage after the very last show (where Will Ferrel played George W. Bush) and grabbed two cue cards. I had them framed! The words make no sense, but they’re not supposed to, since the idea was to depict George W. Bush’s unique, colorful–and always surprising–vocabulary.

You can hear the words spoken here around the 3:00 mark.


Foundations for all 4 Seasons


When you have skin so pale that the Cullens would probably say, “Whoa, you could use some color,” it can be really hard to find an exact foundation match.

The problem is that once I do, it only covers me for winter. Like most people I have my winter and summer foundation (NARS sheer glow in Gobi in winter/Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B40 in summer).

With skin like mine, the slightest amount of color in spring or the smallest fade of a tan in fall means I need a match for that too.

I can’t afford foundations for all four seasons, but I don’t want that dreaded line between my face and the rest of me that screams “THIS IS NOT MY ACTUAL SKIN.”

A good trick is to mix foundations for those pesky in between phases, but really, who has time for that? I tend to veer towards drug store foundations for spring and fall. That way I can try to guesstimate what the right color match will be without breaking the bank.

How do you handle your complexion needs for every season??