Authors Anonymous

It’s no secret that I am NOT a movie person. Unless it’s a Disney musical/movie or Dirty Dancing, I probably haven’t seen it.

Besides being fun, light movies, they’re educational too. If Sharpay and Ryan’s vocal warm-ups/trust exercise didn’t help you to relax and find your center, I feel sorry for you.

That being said, I saw a trailer earlier this week for a movie called Authors Anonymous. And…drum roll, please….

I think I’m going to watch this movie, even if it doesn’t involve snazzy musical numbers, or a hotel in the Catskills called Kellerman’s!!

check it out!



At first, I thought it was a joke. I’ve never seen the publishing process documented this way before in a movie. Authors Anonymous is available on Amazon but I think it will be in theaters next month. I downloaded it and do plan on watching it in the near future when my attention span is a bit sharper…It looks like a must-see for anyone trying to break into publishing. Also, I adore Kaley Cuoco so I’m super excited to see her playing the lead!

I’ll let you know what I thought of it! In the meantime, I’ll probably just watch Dirty Dancing again.

Is Writing the New Acting?

So, revision has been sent off to my super agent, which means these past couple of weeks have been focused on fiddling with the WIP.

I’m one of those that prefers revisions to drafting. I hate not knowing where anything is going in the beginning, hate not having a definitive plot or even a definitive story I can verbally explain. I’d be a terrible painter, because I’d just want the freaking bowl of fruit up on that canvas without having to do the hard stuff.

But I do love starting to create and develop new characters! That’s always so fun.

Now that it’s spring I feel very hopeful and excited for all good things coming and hopefully some warmer weather.

Unfortunately, I am noticing a trend lately. On Twitter with authors I follow, with friends/people in general. All around the writing community.

A lot of us seem to be on the receiving end of negative speeches on how the whole author thing probably won’t pan out.

Is it the never-ending winter weather? General grouchiness in the air? I don’t know. But negative people–please stop oozing your miserable, dreary attitudes onto us positive people. Please. I know misery loves company and all but geez. Stop.

It’s weird. I feel like the reactions writers are getting is on par with what someone would get if they were to say they want to move to L.A. and try and make it as an actress.

WHICH IS PERFECTLY FINE, TOO. The same way it’s fine for musicians to dream of making a hit record.

Imagine if no one ever gave it a shot. We’d have no movies or TV shows. No music. NO BOOKS.

It’s very strange to have been told your entire life you’re going to write a book someday, and then when you actually go and do it and begin the journey to getting it published you get looked at like you’re crazy.

No one should belittle your passion. Or roll their eyes at it. Or tell you in a condescending tone to make sure you have a backup plan (believe me when I say: we know.) We know we need additional support in the beginning. We know it’s not going to be instantaneous or easy. We know many authors’ books don’t pan out. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It doesn’t mean best sellers never happen or are impossible. If you have a talent, a unique concept, great people behind you, and a dream it can totally happen.

I’m not sure what gives a person the right to offer unsolicitied opinions or advice, but when it comes to others’ dreams, people feel it’s okay. It is NOT OKAY. Unless advice or an opinion is expressly sought out, it is NOT OKAY to tell a person that their dream may never come true. It is NOT OKAY to put someone on the defensive. And, unless you’ve got a crystal ball, it is really NOT OKAY to try and predict anyone’s future. Even if you do have a crystal ball: don’t tell me what my future might hold. I’d rather be surprised anyway.

I can’t help but wonder if deep down these people are threatened that we’re going for it. Or have a fear we will prove them wrong, because then, what’s their excuse for not achieving their dream?

End rant. It’s just been bugging me lately, seeing so many writers (myself included) not being 100% PROUD of writing, or feeling apologetic/defensive about our dream.

As I always say, I am a happy, positive person, so I will end this blog on a warm and fuzzy note. This past Thursday was International Happiness Day, and I had a very happy Thursday!

1) The new signed Harlan Coben I’d preordered arrived on Thursday.

^^^ eep.

2) Wheel of Fortune was in the news a lot on Thursday for Wednesday night’s epic solve (that guy is a legend in the Wheel community: he wins the daily Twitter toss-up like EVERY DAY)

3) Best of all: I got Frozen on Thursday and watched it for the first time (WAY BETTER THAN I EVEN IMAGINED)

So forget negative people and naysayers. Here’s some Olaf to make everyone happy. If you’re not familiar with the movie, Olaf is a snowman who likes warm hugs and summertime.




Something happened to me this week that hasn’t happened since December 2012. I got sick!

I don’t do sick.

One thing I found kind of interesting was how quickly I read when I had nothing else to do. I flew through a book in three days.

That may not seem that fast, seeing as I’m a fast reader (used to be where I could get through a book in a day) but since I started writing books, I read very differently. Normally when I read these days I’m also analyzing and studying what the author is doing as I go. So, the better the book, the longer I’ll take. The cycle typically looks something like this:

First 20 pages: Wow. I LOVE this book.—> pages 50-100: How did the author build something so amazing? —> pages 100-200: These characters are REAL PEOPLE. I’ll never write characters this authentic. —> pages 200 onward: What an inspired plot twist! —> I’M INADEQUATE. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER WRITING ANYWAY? —> I should have been a dentist —> That was the best book I ever read and now I can’t ever read again because nothing will ever compare.

I recently experienced all of these emotions with Huntley Fitzpatrick’s MY LIFE NEXT DOOR, which I’d been seeing floating around the blogosphere for a while. So when Kindle had it for 2.99 a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance. I’m glad I did. This was, hands down, my favorite YA book OF ALL TIME. It was so good that I would actively encourage Kanye West to kick somebody offstage just to pontificate how good it was (though I doubt he reads many YA romance novels. Unless he does as some secret guilty pleasure thing. Which would be awesome. In a weird and creepy way.)

If you haven’t read it: READ IT. THIS INSTANT.




This blog is a day late but that’s because yesterday was a big, festive Friendaversary.

How I met my friend Regina is kind of a funny story. If you know a thing about me, you know I adore the band Hanson, and have loved them since I was thirteen and Mmmbop debuted.



I remember doing my middle school homework and waiting impatiently for this video to come on MTV/VH1/Muchmusic and freaking out with happiness each time it came on (and forgetting all about my homework when it did.)

I tweeted a TBT last week of what my walls used to look like. Obviously for a lot of fans of any band, people grow up and tastes change.

Not for me. They may not sell out the Hollywood Bowl anymore (and I swear my walls don’t look like that now) but believe me when I say us Hanson fans are still HARDCORE. If you’re curious, yes they still play Mmmbop at EVERY live show. Here’s a recent one from this past summer:


Anyway back to the story: I was a freshman in college and had the same broadcasting class with this girl Regina all semester. We’d casually say “hi” entering or exiting class. We didn’t really talk other than that. Then one day I was hanging out by the school’s radio station and Regina was there chatting with a fellow classmate of ours. I wasn’t in the conversation and was just playing on my phone, half listening. Regina started talking about her boyfriend, and the girl said “oh, cute, can I see a picture of you guys?” and Regina got out her wallet and when she went to get the picture of her with her bf, a tiny picture fluttered to the ground instead. She reached for it and said something like “oh, that’s just a picture of me and Taylor Hanson. No one cares about that.”

I shouted out something stupid like “I DO! I CARE DEEPLY! I LOVE HANSON!”

and that was that! instant best friends. At this point Hanson had left their record label and were in the process of creating their own, indie label. Needless to say, the bulk of the fanbase had died out, so bumping into a fellow Hanson fan was a rare and exotic experience. Kind of like seeing a snow leopard, or an Indigo Macaw. That was the day of her 19th birthday and a year later I was invited to her party. Every year since we’ve called her birthday our “Friendaversary.” A decade later we’re still friends, that “boyfriend” is now her husband and they have a little girl named Elizabeth (Izzy) and another girl on the way.

Interestingly enough, for all my talk of makeup, I don’t wear it that often. But last night I copied a look I saw Missglamorazzi do that I lovedĀ  (this look)

I got creative and used a different kind of green eyeliner. This is how it turned out!


and now I know why YouTubers always go heavier on the makeup–IT NEVER SHOWS UP IN PICS. But trust me, it looked nice in person.


Revisions and Routines

So this week I’m immersed in a tiny revision for my MS. The best thing about revisions is that #1: they make the book worlds better and #2: each one gets easier. After a massive overhaul like the previous one I did in November (I pretty much rewrote the book!) this is more like a baby revision. An adjustment. A tweak, if you will.

I’m a bit of a Monica. I really enjoy structure and routine. So it breaks my heart a bit that I can’t post what I had planned. I had a pretty cool blog drafted out but I never had the chance to execute it, and I’ll be honest: I completely forgot I blog on Saturdays until late last night. So hopefully I’ll be posting the one I had planned next Saturday, and in the meantime, please enjoy this classic Friends moment.