Words, Fear, and Confetti!

So I started something brand new last week.

It’s always a weird mix of feelings working on something so new.

I wish the process got easier with each MS, but it doesn’t.

I mean, okay, maybe it does get a tiny bit easier b/c I’m learning what my strengths and weaknesses are as a writer. And this time around I can get the green light from my agent before plowing through. So I don’t feel that total panic of writing blindly for 60,000+ words anymore with no sense of security.

That being said, it’s far from easy.

It’s also no secret that my writing style is a bit all over the place. It’s fine. I own it. It works for me.

With this new book, I am determined to try and tap into things I’ve always wanted to write about. No fear, no holding back. Just write every word without worrying. It’s always so exciting and scary starting a new venture.



^ ^ ^

(hehehe. I’m not really THAT scared. Just always wanted to use that gif. And now that I have, my blogging life is pretty much complete.)

Speaking of fear and words, last night was the Scripps National Spelling Bee! I didn’t watch, but it sounded like a real nail-biter that (SPOILER ALERT)… ended in a TIE!

When I was little I always wanted to be one of those kids. All those words to spell, all that confetti and glory and fame and EXCITEMENT.

And that trophy. How I longed for that trophy.

You can feel the buzz in the air, so to speak.

I went through an entire summer when I was 7 where I walked around spelling every word I could and it drove my brother INSANE (especially when I nailed “quiche.” Sorry, Scott), but it was prep for my big moment, should I ever find myself on that stage (never happened, sadly).

Anyway it got me thinking: we all have those words when we’re writing that we can’t get right no matter how many times we’ve typed them. Mine is “nausea.” Lame but true. I can’t type it without looking it up first.

What’s your I-Would-Totally-Lose-the-Spelling-Bee-with-this-Word” word???

Freezer Books

I know a book is great when I feel the need to stop reading and put it in the freezer.

Brownie points if you get that reference.

If you didn’t, let me explain it: there’s an episode of Friends called “The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends.” The B-plot starts with Rachel opening Joey and Chandler’s freezer for some ice and pulling out a copy of The Shining. We learn that Joey loves this book, but during the tense parts he gets scared and puts it in the freezer. No rhyme or reason. Just Joey. So he and Rachel swap favorite books. She reads The Shining, and he reads Little Women. We all know what happens in Little Women, but Joey of course does not, and by the end of the episode he chooses to put it in the freezer rather than finish.

I always loved this Friends moment, and whenever I’m reading a particularly tense book I contemplate pulling a Joey. Because sometimes you can’t read fast enough, your heart can’t slow down enough, and all that’s left to do is put the book in the damn freezer.


What are your top “Freezer Books” ?? As I mentioned in my last post, I just finished THE ONE, the final book in THE SELECTION trilogy, and during the last fifty or so pages I was rather tempted to clear out a nice, book-sized space between the corn and the peas.

Unwinding as an Author

One of the strangest things I’m finding being an author-type-person is that there are times you’re close to things you want and you have to just kind of stay calm and relaxed while you wait.

Now, I’m not particularly amazing at unwinding, but here are my semi-foolproof methods:

I enjoy the odd singing competition show.


American Idol and The Voice are my favorites, because I can get caught up in the career fates of the contestants, and forget my own for a while.

I also enjoy classic sitcoms. Now, this is something that always, ALWAYS makes me happy. Particularly epic crossover moments like that one time Uncle Jesse taught Urkel how to walk while Danny looked on in bemusement.

or that time Urkel invented a dance that swept the nation for, like, an entire summer, and everyone did “The Urkel” at bar/bat mitzvahs. Or just anywhere they felt the desire to break into the dance.

(Fact: I still remember this dance, and the words to the song, yet if you were to present me with a basic, elementary school level math question it would take me a few days to get back to you.)

But my all time favorite way to stay calm and relaxed is to read. The problem is, when the thing you want as an author is to see your book published…well…

you get the idea…

However, last week THE ONE came out, the final book in THE SELECTION series. This is a series I heard about first from Carrie’s blog before I was a client, but didn’t get around to reading until December. It is, hands down, the best. series. ever.

I’m currently in that dilemma of wanting to fly through it to know what happens NOW NOW NOW, but also trying to savor every word on every page.

Just look at this cover!


It’s impossible not to get completely absorbed and swept away in the story, the beautiful dresses and, of course, Prince Maxon. I’m going to have to pick up the pace though. I need to know the life America Singer will choose for herself, without stumbling upon any of those pesky internet spoilers.

Since I ordered from B&N I also got the autographed copy, a deleted scene, and a double-sided poster (obsessed much?)



Do you have trouble reading certain books as an author? Or does it help you relax??

Author Freak-Outs

So you know how authors can get superstitious and don’t like to talk about things until they’re talk-aboutable? I’m borderline in that phase right now. I’m close to something I want more than anything with a place I would go shouting from the rooftops about, but still not sure it will happen just yet (Decode it! Just try!)

anyway. Under normal circumstances I’m a positive person. But when I’m close to things I reallyreallyreally want, I tend to dissect all the reasons it won’t happen.

And something came along the other day that scared the bejesus out of me.


In an effort to research this something I so desperately want, I bought a book. When I began reading this book, I noticed it had a similar element to mine. Not the MC, not the story, but the love interest.



Deep down, I know it’s okay. This guy isn’t identical to my MC’s love interest, but his backstory is somewhat similar and, well…HE’S A ROCK STAR.



Believe me: I KNOW there have been hundreds of YA books with rock stars. It’s just that I want this thing sosoSOso much, so anything that would stop it from happening would crush me.

And I know that, as long as the execution is fresh, it will all be okay. So I won’t panic. I will stay positive. I will be calm. See?? I’M CALM, PEOPLE.


has this ever happened to you?? Where you read a book that was just released and it’s got a similar element to yours? How do you handle it??

Love List

I was racking my brains trying to think of a good blog for this week. Which is hard, since my brain is super fried from revisions! But I got this idea from Leandra (love her blog!)

When you go over the same material for months on end there are moments where you want to shred the whole MS. More often than not, I can only see the weak parts. So, since I’ve been feeling too critical/hard on myself at times these past few weeks I think today’s the perfect day to do a “love list” for my MS! Below is a list of things in my MS that I just adore:

Love list

super cute rock star
designer couture
red carpets
a summer concert at Jones Beach Ampitheatre
tour bus
frozen yogurt
a furniture store that Lacey calls home




^^^ Jones Beach Amp! My MC takes a cute rock star to see a concert here (showing him what it’s like from the fan perspective…sitting in nosebleed) and it’s one of my favorite scenes. 🙂


What’s your love list??