That One Time I Wasn’t Invisible

One of my favorite running themes in YA is when a MC feels invisible. It’s relatable to most everyone and definitely me.

When I was in college I didn’t feel invisible–I’m pretty sure I actually was invisible. I wasn’t cool enough, didn’t drive a nice enough car or wear designer enough clothes. Everyone looked right through me. When test papers were being passed out I was always the one person forgotten (I swear this is true. the first time it happened I chalked it up to a fluke–the eighth time I felt like this):

It’s not that I didn’t try hard enough, or get involved, because I did. The college was in one of the richest parts of the island and a large majority of the kids were insanely, shockingly spoiled. Like, get-a-new-BMW-for-every-good-grade spoiled. And I was not worth anyone’s time.

As pathetic as I felt at times, it honestly didn’t bother me too much. I had good friends from my previous college (I transferred to LIU since it was a way better school and the media department was amazing), and my Conan friends. But I still dreaded every day I had to go.

On the flip side, there were plenty of times at Conan I actually wanted to be invisible.

Since I’m all about examples here on the blog, I’ll tell you about one time–the worst time–that I was NOT invisible at Conan.

It was Halloween night 2008, the very week High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiered.

If you followed the movies diligently like me, you knew that the first two HSMs only aired on the Disney channel. Which made #3 a huge deal, since it was the first time HSM would be on the silver screen. This was the final chapter in the Wildcats lives. There was a full trailer and everything.

Needless to say, I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to see where life would take the Wildcats.

Would Troy choose U of A with that basketball scholarship, alongside his best friend Chad? His father certainly hoped so.

What would happen if he won the Juilliard scholarship Ms. Darbus secretly put him in the running for? Or would he choose musical theater at a school closer to Stanford-bound Gabriella?

Would Sharpay reach new levels of spoiled?

I would finally have my answers on Halloween night.

I had plans with my friend to see it and I prayed I could be completely invisible the entire evening at work, lest I get sent to Jersey for a prop (oh, it happened.). All I wanted was to keep a low profile and bust out after taping. I was just cowering on the couch, busy blending in with the wall and praying for the same invisible treatment I received every day at school when it happened.

I was spotted.

Of course this had to be the moment I had a glowing neon sign on me that said “NOTICE ME!”–the moment someone places an order for a personal pan pizza four blocks away and wanted it picked up ASAP.

Long story short, I ran to the restaurant in record time, but the order never went through, so I wound up waiting a half hour while they made the pizza. I ran back to 30 Rock to drop it off, then fled–no, flew–to the theater, elbowing my way through an endless sea of Dorothys and Totos and zombies and princesses. Everyone was walking incredibly slowly in an effort to show off their creative costumes. Then there’s the fact that the city has its stupid giant movie theaters with eighty escalators and I had to run up about 29 of them. It was my worst nightmare come true. You want a spooky, frightening Halloween story? Well, here it is: I missed the opening sequence to High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

I. Missed. The. Opening. Sequence. To. High. School. Musical. 3: Senior Year.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we really could pick and choose when we were invisible??

Has anyone ever made you feel invisible??? Or was there ever a time you wished you were invisible?


Lock the Damn Door!

Semi- recently I read a YA book that I simply adored. I loved it so much I told everyone about it and I even blogged about it around winter of last year. However, one thing happened toward the end that made me roll my eyes a bit. It was one of those moments in the plot that worked to move everything forward, yet in order for that to occur, the characters found themselves in circumstances that seemed totally implausible and made me do this

I’ve seen these kinds of forced occurrences in so many wonderful books, and I understand it–we need something dramatic to happen sometimes in order to set things in motion. Still, I just wish it wouldn’t be so obviously unnatural for characters who have no previous interactions to be in a setting they’d never be in, doing things they’d never do just to push things forward.

But it’s okay, because it happens in movies and TV shows too. I call it the Lock the Damn Door! theory. If sitcom characters just locked their freaking doors, it would cure a lot of agita.

Also, we’d have no television shows.

Think about it. Kramer slides in whenever he damn pleases.


Despite Carl’s best efforts (and the fact that he was consistently on the verge of a stress-induced aneurysm), Urkel is ALWAYS popping in at the Winslow house.

(side note: I love Urkel!! And if he was my neighbor I’d leave my door unlocked too–my fridge is always well-stocked with various cheeses, and we could talk about the origins of said cheeses for hours!)

She may be DJ’s best friend, but the rest of the Tanners would prefer if DJ and Kimmy Gibbler hung out anywhere outside the house.

Charles may have been in charge, but Mr. Powell still had final say, and he made it incredibly clear: Buddy Lembeck was NOT welcome.

Ray Barone’s parents lived across the street. ‘Nuff said.

Of course, that one time it wouldn’t have mattered if their door had been locked…

So, we’d have no great stories and no great sitcoms if it weren’t for a few plot holes now and then.

Is there a book you’ve read like this? Where a plot point just seemed so forced, yet you loved the story too much to care???

Some Change Can Be Good!

so since these past couple of weeks I’ve experienced an unbelievably unpleasant change (loss of my precious Pudding) and a great one (welcoming my Penny Belle into the family) I thought it was time for a huge pick me up. And a change I could control. A new hair cut!

It’s been about seven years since I’ve done anything new with my hair. When I was little it was waist length (my hair is extremely curly, so waist length only looked it when I straightened it). Then at about 12 I was inspired by this:

and spent the next few years asking my hairdressers to give me “The Topanga”–still long, but layered and stylish. Then in my early twenties I started going shoulder length (this was also my Blonde Highlights Era–an era I would like to publicly state here I will never return to again. Some people should not go blonde. I am one of those people).

When I was 24 I decided to grow it super long again. I needed a change–and a goal–and I went for it. For six years I’ve asked for the most minimal trims. It looked great for a long time, but lately it’s been a hot, frizzy mess. I love my hair long, but when it’s unmanageable and just plain yucky, it’s gotta go. So on Tuesday I went and did this:

I love it! It’s a lot easier to care for now and more styled. It’s a bit longer than it appears in this pic since my hair was already curling up following the blow out.

I was inspired by Ingrid Nilsen (aka MissGlamorazzi on YouTube–my favorite YouTuber and the one who inspired me to write my novel!) she had very long hair and just cut it and I LOVED it.


I always feel like my hair will turn out better if I show a picture of my current hair role model to my hairdresser. I consider myself lucky that I’ve never done anything too awful. Even though the blonde didnt work out, it wasn’t horrendous.

Have you ever made a huge hair change you absolutely hated???


Regularly Scheduled Programming

Im a person who likes schedules and routine. I’ve always joked I’m like Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) or more accurately, Monica Gellar (Friends)

After Pudding passed away last week I’ve had a tough time sticking to my normal routine (eating, hydrating, working out–existing) but I am getting back to normal now. I’m really hoping to get back to writing soon. I miss it, so that’s a great sign.

Part of what’s helping me get back to normal is the fact that my family wanted to adopt a shelter kitten. I have ALWAYS wanted to adopt, but Pudding was a spoiled only child in every sense of the word. I didn’t feel ready, but I had little say in the matter lol and besides, when will I ever feel ready? I know that this is not a replacement for Pudding. This new little one helps me feel sane. Playing with her, cuddling with her, and taking care of her is therapeutic.

Meet Penny (full name: Penny Belle).

She spent her life in a cage so she’s in awe of everything.


She LOVES to play. She’s really her own unique personality. I was open to any age cat, but we all fell in love with her instantly. And Penny’s mismatched ears reminded me instantly of Pudding’s mismatched paws so I took this as a sign.


It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had a kitten. One thing I’m not used to is how they get into EVERYTHING. Pudding never really did, so this is pretty new to me. She is a precious little handful. I love it!


I wish I could describe how tiny she is (pics don’t show it!) but she’s 10 weeks and SUPER TINY. She has a heart outline on her nose, and she doesn’t meow yet, she squeaks. Oh, and she doesn’t just run, she flies/tears through the house.

She also has her own little nuances. Penny’s habits are so unique to Penny. For example: she gobbles her food up and then continues to chew once she’s left the eating area. And her favorite post-snack hobby is to sit on a laptop while she chews/swallows/bathes.

This blog post took me FOUR TRIES because she kept deleting it. Proof:

So, I am slowly getting back to normal thanks to Penny. 🙂


I’m normally very upbeat and happy. A big reason for that is because I’ve always had my Pudding by my side.


I got Pudding when I was 10 years old. She was born 11-26-93 and my family and I adopted her 2-25-94.

^^ the morning after we brought her home, right before her first vet visit.

She’s been my world for almost 21 years and this past week she passed. It was FAST which I’m grateful for. I could not have beared it if she dragged it out. She was perky and herself right until the last 4 days. 3.5 years ago she was diagnosed with kidney failure and given a year to live. You never would have known she had a kidney issue until this past week, when she stopped eating. Every day of her life was healthy and filled with tons of love. She was my princess.

^^ me and Pudding on her first birthday.

I slept on the floor with her her last few nights, and on her last night I stayed up with her, comforting her and helping her up and down the bed, and helping her drink her water. Her last morning, she had a seizure, which was terrifying. I hid under a pillow and cried while my mom held her and talked her through it. It was awful saying goodbye but she was so sick that I just wanted her to feel better. She left on 8-8-2014, (World Cat Day, apparently. Irony sucks.)

I feel like my heart was torn from my chest and now I’m just expected to exist somehow. I miss her so much, I’m almost a hundred percent positive I will never ever be happy again.

I may be biased, but she was the most incredibly beautiful, vibrant, and sweetest girl in the world.





Novel Writing Vs. TV Writing


It’s no secret that I love TV. I love it so much it hurts, and although I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 4, I had a period in college where I thought I wanted to be a sitcom writer.

I realized not long after I graduated that my heart will always be with novels. But after working in TV for a little more than a year I developed a pretty big writing habit that crossed over into my MSs–I can sometimes get too one dimensional and rely on a punny line instead of focusing on the plot and story.

I blame Conan O’Brien. I spent the second half of junior year and all of senior year watching the Late Night writers convene daily to bang out hilarious skits, then when Conan would read the lines at five o’clock to gales of laughter, I assumed it’s all about the one-liner.

Except the thing is, TV writing is visual and, yes, I will say it, EASIER, than novel writing. I don’t get to rely on talented performers delivering my lines–I have to create a person from the ground up, so that if I can manage to sneak in a good one-liner, it makes sense because you’ll feel like you know the person saying it.

All this being said, however, you can take the girl out of TV but you can’t take the TV out of the girl. I still love nothing more than a killer line and an even more killer delivery. By now we all know Friends is my all time favorite show. It has, in my opinion, the best one-liners ever written. Since I’m always doing Friends gifs, today is a small tribute to some amazing lines from another one of my all-time favorite shows, The King of Queens.


Also, everything else Doug Heffernan has ever said. The internet is seriously lacking on Doug Heffernan gifs.

Of course we all love books, but what are some of your favorite TV shows???


Blogger’s Block

So admittedly, I don’t get writer’s block too often. I find that by pushing through and writing anyway–writing anything–it usually unkinks itself and it’s not too terrible.

But this week I suffered horribly from blogger’s block. I couldn’t think of a single solitary thing to post that would be interesting!

So I started working through my usual rituals to get fun ideas:

I obsessively checked my favorite celebrities’ twitter feeds (all my favs are flying low under the publicity radar. No help there.)

I worked on my new MS (but it’s summer and so nice out so that got old fast.)

I read! I’m currently hooked on a newly discovered author named Morgan Matson whom I adore!!!

But none of these things helped to unkink my blogger’s block.

I’m not a superstitious person by any means, but in the past all of these things have helped me immensely.


What are your favorite remedies for writer’s (or blogger’s!) block??