Writerly Support

We all have that one person (or in some cases, multiple people) that doesn’t “get” what we do. We talk about the authorly things we love with so much pride. Because we love it. And the questions pour in:

Are you rich? Where can I buy your book? Why does it take so long to be published? Why do you bother if there’s no guarantee it will sell?

And you’re like

And they’re still like

And then we start obsessing over why we do this to ourselves. The writing. The excitement. The querying. The rejections. The acceptance. The submission. The rejections. The high hopes that are dashed. The excitement of an offer. The WAITING. For the cover. The book release. The sales reports.

I think that’s why I love the writing community so much. WE GET IT. Most importantly, WE LOVE WRITING.

So if you have ten people rooting for you, does the one naysayer drive you crazy?? How do you handle it?

All the Newness!

It feels good to be back in my normal blogging flow, and next month I’ll be good as new to contribute to my awesome group blog again (in the meantime, I was surprised with this amazing Get Well post! Huge thanks to my fellow Boarders, and Carrie for putting it all together!! <3)

This week it has hit 60 degrees 3 times, and needless to say, I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. The fresh air is doing me very good!

I always associate spring with ALL THE NEWNESS.


I’m currently reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (Yes, I know, far from new, but new to me), and Penny and me are SO excited to dive into DRAWN IN by the awesome Sioux Trett .



We all know I love Hanson. Sadly, it’s a quiet year for them. They usually release a new full album every 3 years, since they’re indie and like to take their time on things. But the fan club EP will be out soon, and there’s talk of a special fan club concert tour (pleasecometoNYpleasecometoNY)

In the meantime, I’m loving the new R5 song (also a band of siblings, oddly enough).


Admittedly, not a movie person, but we all know I have a love for Disney musicals. Teen Beach Movie 2 is out this summer, but all the promos are starting now, and I am extremely excited! The first was such a cute movie.


My new project is coming along, slowly but surely. I’m so happy with it so far.

It’s always so fun developing new characters, writing fresh dialogue, and playing with different settings.


I don’t watch YouTube as much as I used to, since the makeup tutorials are far and few between, but spring makeup is my FAVORITE. Just look at these beautiful blushes that will be getting way more use out of me now that it’s spring.


Is there anything happening these days that you’re excited about?? Or is just spring in general enough to put you in a wonderful mood??

On Fleek, and Other Ridiculous Phrases

I was watching a YouTube makeup tutorial the other day and had to pause and take a minute to process the following viewer comment:


The comment received about a hundred “likes.” As a writer, I obviously perk right up at any trendy new phrase. Granted, I actually have heard this one before (it basically means “on point” and it’s usually in reference to someone’s physical appearance ex: my eyebrows are particularly on fleek today). But the thing that made me pause was: why on earth is this expression suddenly a thing? And who DECIDES what’s going to be a thing?

It’s like with the whole Bye Felicia meme that blew up online a few months ago, even though this was a Friday reference from freaking 1995.

Yes, the beauty guru in question did have a lovely smile, but on fleek?

It is, single handedly, the most ridiculous phrase I’ve heard in a very long time. I don’t think there is anyone on earth that can say it with a straight face. On fleek can only be said tongue in cheek. Try saying it seriously. I dare you.

It got me thinking about dialogue in YA. As with everything with writing, there’s a really fine balance. It’s so important to be authentic and current, but at the same time, it’s important not to throw in too much current, which will make waves with readers years later when these phrases are no longer a thing.

I’ve been called a timely writer, which I’ve found can be a bit hard sometimes. Everyone loves a timeless story, and I do think a lot of my elements are timeless, but overall my ideas tend to pull from trends. The thing is, I can’t help it: I LOVE trends. I’ve learned to tone it down a lot, but I still feel the constant urge to write in a very pop culture-esque moment or dialogue.

So how do you handle trendy dialogue in your work knowing not long from now words and phrases of today will be

(p.s. I just wanted to thank everybody for all the sweet well-wishes!! It seems the meds have worked their magic and I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER…the best I’ve felt in MONTHS, actually. I just have to take it easy so I’m 100% ASAP 🙂  xoxo

I’m still alive!

so, I’m not doing so hot lately!

the stomach issues were not related to my sinus infection and long story short, I’ve had a TON of testing this week, including but not limited to: a trip to the ER, CT scans of my stomach, and an endoscopy this morning…I’ve never had any procedures done in my life, so meds/anasthetia (sp) & radioactivity (from the contrast dye scan thing) in my body all in one week has WIPED ME OUT.

Anyway, it seems it’s all stress, because so far all my tests are coming back fine, just a ton of irritation and acid issues…I’m grateful it’s not an ulcer, (THANK YOU WEB M.D. FOR YOUR SUGGESTION) but it def is making me feel the worst I have ever felt in my life!

I’m on some meds and should be back to myself soon.

This is VERY HARD FOR ME….I enjoy routine, I love my regular meals and workouts and writing schedule, so not doing much of anything this past week has been a nightmare…but here’s hoping i’m 100% very soon!

And Alex rocks, because this made my whole day yesterday!!! 🙂  love the blogger community!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and here’s hoping I’ll be posting that writing blog I’ve been drafting for like 2 weeks! can’t wait to catch up on the A-Z blogs I’ve been missing!