GUYS, it has happened!!!

So you might be wondering just HOW it happened.

A lot of you already know how I got my agent and how amazing Carrie has been throughout this entire process. After our last revision we both knew that my YA novel, AT FIRST BLUSH, was incredibly tight and polished, and would (hopefully) be the version to get a deal.

Spoiler alert: we were right!

I’ve read so many of these posts and always imagined how my HOW I GOT MY DEAL post would go, but the truth is I don’t even know where to begin. It all feels like SUCH a blur.

Here’s a timeline of how things went down.

I knew I was going to acquisitions for a few weeks, and of course I was nervous! But dwelling and obsessing on it doesn’t help much (doesn’t mean I didn’t dwell and obsess, it just didn’t help lol). I followed every writer’s advice and worked hard on my WIP (which I am completely crazy about), and enjoyed the warm weather. Besides my parents and brother, I told VERY few people, which was not as hard as I thought since thinking about it made me really nervous, and the less people knowing, the better for my psyche.

3:00pm on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015. My phone rings, and Carrie’s name pops up on the screen.

Carrie tells me that Bloomsbury offered on AT FIRST BLUSH.

It felt like everything I had ever worked for coming together.

It felt like climbing to the top of a mountain and then, rather than basking in it, just collapsing from the exhaustion of it all.

It felt like a dream coming true.

Above all else, it just feels RIGHT. I am so thrilled to be a Sparkie and am so happy to be working with an amazing editor like Meredith!!

Carrie and I celebrated with dinner Monday night. I keep forgetting that it was our first time meeting since honestly I feel like I’ve met her a million times. We had so much fun and even hit up Sephora afterwards, so it felt like living in my book!

On Saturday night, I’m going to my ALL TIME FAVORITE Mexican restaurant with my family. I love this place and haven’t been there in over a year, so it’s the perfect way to celebrate!


My Big, Huge, Amazing, Incredible, AWESOME News :)

Hi! I have some news!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


(Click the picture to read!!)




Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen. It’s Not Going to Happen!

I’m pretty proud of myself. I took the leap and visited the cat I saw on the shelter’s site as a potential friend for Penny. The cat was sweet and cute, but my gut told me she was not the right match for Penny, who would have rattled this shy, terrified cat far too much. I did visit a lot of other cats and kittens at the shelter after that but none of them felt like the right fit, the way my Penny did when I met her.

Lesson learned: it’s not the right time. It doesn’t mean it never will be, just not now!

I’m quickly learning you can’t force life! This goes for my MSs too. There can be ideas or moments I’ll draft and love in theory, but in practice they simply don’t work. So, instead of forcing everything I love in, like a puzzle piece that’s close but not right, I’m going to step back and brainstorm on newer, better ideas.

I’ve found the best way to deal with a tricky scene is to delete the entire paragraph, no looking back, and start fresh. If I don’t do that, I’ll still try to make words work that in reality just don’t. Deleting is the only way new things can flourish.

I guess sometimes “fetch” just won’t happen, no matter how bad you want it to.

In short, I’m going to have to let the control freak part of me take a rest, and learn that when things are supposed to happen, they will!

How about you?? Has there ever been a time life happened when you weren’t planning it??

Pushing the Limits (Within Reason)

I am so bad at taking risks. SO BAD. This goes for writing, and also life.

I’m trying desperately to take chances and try new things in my current WIP. Know the rules so I can effectively break them and all that. I’m doing better this time than during my last MS. I remember when I first began that draft I was afraid to put my MC in uncomfortable situations. Basically, any time things got the slightest bit tense, I would feel uncomfortable and change it so things were nice and easy for my MC.

It made for some riveting storylines.

Whenever I’m writing I tend to have the “GoodReads Peanut Gallery” (as I like to refer to it) jeering at me in my head, reminding me of all the bad choices I’m making, and pointing out all the things that won’t be perceived well. Basically, I envision all my potentially awful reviews.

This time, I’m making sure to tune all of that out and not overthink.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been seriously contemplating adopting a second cat. It’s something I’ve wanted to do pretty much since right after adopting Penny. I always knew Pudding loved being the only one, but sometimes I think Penny would like a friend. She loves to play, and is always snuggling with stuffed animals.


But my overthinking habit always kicks into high gear. I go on my local shelter’s website a few times a week and look at all the adorable kitties, and all I can do is obsess and worry and overthink to the point where I just never follow through. “What if they hate each other?” “What if they get each other sick?” “What if one bites the other and the cut gets infected?”

Yes, this is where my brain takes me.

I am so envious of people who don’t overthink and just DO.

So do you overthink?? Do you revise to death in your MS and in life??

Also, here’s another new picture of Penny Belle, just because.


Changing Tastes

Lately I have become obsessed with the show Frasier. I despised it when it was originally airing. I’d catch bits and pieces during the Thursday night NBC lineup when I’d watch Friends and Will and Grace and I never understood the humor.

Fast forward over a decade and I can’t get enough.

Of course it’s not just Frasier. It’s food, too. As a kid I hated pizza. I dreaded the pizza party in elementary school and never liked when my parents brought it in for dinner. Now?

and, of course, books. Recently I’ve been branching out and reading different genres, including Dystopian, Fantasy, and Paranormal…I’ve found as long as the story is good, I am riveted. So never say never I guess. Tastes change, and horizens expand!

Have you ever sworn you could never like something only to find you were wrong??