2 Years of Blogging!

I can’t believe I have officially been blogging here for two years!!

It might be dorky to get so excited at this

but hear me out.

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a blogger. Seriously. Right after I graduated college, my brother built me a website so I could write monologue jokes and blog about whatever came to mind. At first I enjoyed it and felt encouraged by the few people following me.

Then I realized it was more trouble than it was worth. Coming up with late night talk show-style jokes is hard for just one person. The pressure to create content every few days, plus the worry that I could possibly offend someone with a topical joke (never happened but I’m an overthinker/worrier) brought me to an abrupt stop.

But I still felt I had a lot to say. I just didn’t know how to go about it, or how to make it interesting. So I had my brother build me another website where I talked about TV shows and movies. Again, I got caught up in making this one work.

Again, it didn’t hold my interest.

Then after I signed with Carrie she suggested I start a blog.

“Here we go again with the blog thing,” I thought to myself, wishing desperately I could find my footing with it. So I started writing about makeup products and nearly gave up again after about ten months.

That’s when I learned I have to be ME. Not try to be a late night talk show host, or a TV critic, or a makeup expert. I’m a writer. Why not talk writing???

I LOVE my little corner of the web and I have met the most amazing writers and bloggers this past year. Thank you everyone who pops in and says hi. <3


have some cake!!

How long have you been blogging???

A Few Fun Things!

This week has been drab and rainy but that just means that I have been inside and writing a LOT. I’m really happy with my WIP and cannot wait to get it CP/beta approved and off to Carrie. It still needs considerable work but I’m moving faster and SO excited about it.

Speaking of excited, next week will be my 2 year blogging anniversary!!!

One of the things I did not expect when beginning my blogging journey was meeting SO MANY awesome people. Some of you have some cool things happening!

Alex Cavanaugh’s Cassa books are now an ebook box set! The CassaSeries comes out June 22nd but it’s available for pre-order !

My awesome friend Leandra is part of this incredible anthology called Brave New Girls that released on Monday! I downloaded my copy and can’t wait to read. (warning: you will want cupcakes after reading her blog post.)

And lastly, there’s another agent judged contest over at Monica Bustamante Wagner’s blog, Love YA! I signed with Carrie because of the girly YA contest on Love YA 2 years ago, and this one is for diverse YA! If your book fits the bill, ENTER. As a contest success story, I can’t recommend entering contests enough!

I love when cool things happen in our community. It’s fun celebrating together!

Whoa. There were a LOT of exclamation points in this post.

See you next week for the big 2 yr blog-a-versary! We’ll have a party 🙂

I have a completely random question for you guys this week: has anyone heard about/seen commercials for the Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig movie on Lifetime?? What IS that about?? Is it a joke?? I heard it’s a parody of every bad Lifetime movie but I don’t know? It looks real but how can it be with those two as the stars?? Let me know your thoughts or if you have any answers for me lol

When Did You Know?

The other day I was thinking about my very first attempt at writing books. I’m glad i can remember the actual moment it hit me that I wanted to do this forever.

I think I was about 7. My mom had been running some errands one weekend and brought me home a book called Babysitters Club: Little Sister.

I’m pretty sure it was specifically this one:

At first I was like

(okay, so maybe there were some black and white sketches every few chapters, but still. It was the first real book I could read all by myself.)

And I remember sitting at the kitchen table, opening to page one and devouring about half the book in one sitting. I was riveted.

I loved Karen, and how each book opened with her talking about how many “twos” she had in her life because of her mixed families. I loved how she had to learn to use her “indoor voice” and “outdoor voice.” Overall, I loved being inside her world, and getting taken along on her adventures.

I knew in that moment that I would always love books.

I also knew I wanted to write them. So I immediately tried my hand at my very first book, complete with mispelled words, staples, and illustrations.


When did you know you were going to be a writer???

Celebration Meal

You only get your VERY FIRST BOOK DEAL once in your life, so it would be criminal not to go all out with a celebration, and a delicious meal is always my favorite way to go.

I used to be obsessed with the Food Network and loved to try my hand at cooking recipes. The problem with this is, as the years went on, the recipes got more challenging.

Then there’s the fact that Food Network pretty much only airs competition shows these days, which I’m not a fan of. Plus, they’re starting to recycle their own ideas, which is just lame.

So, with cooking out of the question, I knew exactly where I wanted to go for my big dinner.

(Sorry, Stefon, this one’s not a club, but a Mexican restaurant called Besito.)

The food is very light and fresh, and the flavors and textures are just perfection every time. I’ve had a different dish nearly every time and each one has been outstanding.

Here are some pics of my meal:


such a shame that something so beautiful as tableside guac always looks unappealing in pics…but trust me it’s amazing.


I loved the dish I tried this time! It’s pistachio crusted salmon over a salad, with a side of chipotle dressing. SO good.




Cappuccino and Tres Leches cake. Normally I’m a chocolate lover and will always order chocolate for dessert, but this cake is SO good…just a simple, vanilla cake soaked in milk, with fresh whipped cream and berries.

By this point I was getting upset. I HATE the end of a great meal.

But! This place gives you a complimentary order of fresh, hot churros for the car ride home.

Sadly, due to my being overly full, and the trademark greasy nature of a churro, I didn’t have one this time. 🙁  no regrets though! I ordered the perfect dishes (nothing sucks more than when you go out to eat and wish you’d ordered something else) and was very pleased with my food.

What’s your go-to celebration meal??