A Few Fun Things!

This week has been drab and rainy but that just means that I have been inside and writing a LOT. I’m really happy with my WIP and cannot wait to get it CP/beta approved and off to Carrie. It still needs considerable work but I’m moving faster and SO excited about it.

Speaking of excited, next week will be my 2 year blogging anniversary!!!

One of the things I did not expect when beginning my blogging journey was meeting SO MANY awesome people. Some of you have some cool things happening!

Alex Cavanaugh’s Cassa books are now an ebook box set! The CassaSeries comes out June 22nd but it’s available for pre-order !

My awesome friend Leandra is part of this incredible anthology called Brave New Girls that released on Monday! I downloaded my copy and can’t wait to read. (warning: you will want cupcakes after reading her blog post.)

And lastly, there’s another agent judged contest over at Monica Bustamante Wagner’s blog, Love YA! I signed with Carrie because of the girly YA contest on Love YA 2 years ago, and this one is for diverse YA! If your book fits the bill, ENTER. As a contest success story, I can’t recommend entering contests enough!

I love when cool things happen in our community. It’s fun celebrating together!

Whoa. There were a LOT of exclamation points in this post.

See you next week for the big 2 yr blog-a-versary! We’ll have a party 🙂

I have a completely random question for you guys this week: has anyone heard about/seen commercials for the Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig movie on Lifetime?? What IS that about?? Is it a joke?? I heard it’s a parody of every bad Lifetime movie but I don’t know? It looks real but how can it be with those two as the stars?? Let me know your thoughts or if you have any answers for me lol