Always Be Prepared (with Makeup)


I’ve always said that no matter what the circumstance, I’d always have some makeup with me in case of an emergency getaway.

Days before Hurricane Sandy I had an emergency bag in case I had to evacuate. That bag included some foundation and brushes.

It also might have included some eye shadows because I swatch when I’m nervous.

Thankfully I never had to use the kit, since our home was spared any damage.

Now, cut to last Sunday night. I’m tucked away in my room after dinner, happily revising (on a roll, too) when the carbon monoxide detector starts to go off.

This happens all the time. And it’s always, always the batteries.

Long story short, it wasn’t the batteries. There was a leak from the stove, and 911 said get the hell out.

And I was like, no.

And they were like, now.

And I was like, but there’s still time, surely–

And they were like, NOW.

I’m not too proud to admit that yes, I thought about throwing on foundation. It’s not shallow of me. When I’m stressed my skin goes very red, and I didn’t want the firemen calling an ambulence thinking I had CO poisoning or something. But, there was no time.

All I had time to do was everything important: find my cat and get her in her carrier (she hates that thing with a passion, and it can result in a lot of crying, pleading, and hysteria. She gets upset too.) Luckily she knew I meant business and I got her in pretty fast.

Next was my manuscript, which is stored on my USB port. I also grabbed my laptop, and my phone too.

And that was it.

No makeup.

So when the neighbors I barely know started coming from every which way I kind of slunk down in the back of the car and hid behind Pudding’s carrier.

Thankfully the leak wasn’t too bad. After about an hour the house was safe again.

When I got back inside my room I looked around at all the things I’d left behind that I CANNOT BELIEVE I LEFT BEHIND.

1) my nightguard/Phillips Sonicare Flexcare Plus toothbrush. The barest of necessities.

2) my Kindle

3) my Hanson collection

4) my inhaler (it’s expired, but it still probably would have worked). This was kind of an important thing to forget since I tend to have full on panic attacks during a crisis.

5) my diploma (come on, I worked hard for that bitch)

Granted, I would have been allowed back inside for anything dire for a few minutes if I had to evacuate overnight. But I doubt the firemen would have condoned my standing around applying foundation with my Sigma angled top kabuki brush while they tried to rid the house of the poisonous, odorless gas.

I guess the Boy Scouts were right and we should always be prepared.

What are your go-to grabs in an emergency???