An Awesome Contest from my Equally Awesome Agent

So by now you all know I’m repped by the amazing Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency. She’s started up this query critique contest over on her blog, Literary Carrie. I may be biased, but Carrie’s critiques are the best. And if you win the “author treatment” she’ll critique 100 pages of your MS.

As a side note I have to mention my favorite thing about Carrie’s MS critiques. When I’m reading back my edited MS she’ll include things she likes, things she wants changed, etc. Then randomly, at the mention of a makeup product my main character purchases or uses, she’ll write something like “I use this!! It’s the best foundation!” or “I just bought this lipstick” and it makes me crack up laughing. She is the best!

So definitely check it out and good luck!