Author Freak-Outs

So you know how authors can get superstitious and don’t like to talk about things until they’re talk-aboutable? I’m borderline in that phase right now. I’m close to something I want more than anything with a place I would go shouting from the rooftops about, but still not sure it will happen just yet (Decode it! Just try!)

anyway. Under normal circumstances I’m a positive person. But when I’m close to things I reallyreallyreally want, I tend to dissect all the reasons it won’t happen.

And something came along the other day that scared the bejesus out of me.


In an effort to research this something I so desperately want, I bought a book. When I began reading this book, I noticed it had a similar element to mine. Not the MC, not the story, but the love interest.



Deep down, I know it’s okay. This guy isn’t identical to my MC’s love interest, but his backstory is somewhat similar and, well…HE’S A ROCK STAR.



Believe me: I KNOW there have been hundreds of YA books with rock stars. It’s just that I want this thing sosoSOso much, so anything that would stop it from happening would crush me.

And I know that, as long as the execution is fresh, it will all be okay. So I won’t panic. I will stay positive. I will be calm. See?? I’M CALM, PEOPLE.


has this ever happened to you?? Where you read a book that was just released and it’s got a similar element to yours? How do you handle it??