Bad Blood

This may sound crazy, but I have a soft spot for YA stories where friendships end.

It reminds me that it’s a natural part of life and is totally normal. I have a story like this (doesn’t everyone?). I no longer speak with some girls who were like sisters to me…long story short, I honestly couldn’t believe how bitchy they were starting to act. No friendship is perfect, but these girls were becoming downright awful.

It hurts when a best friendship breaks up. Especially when you had friends who were more like sisters, and then, suddenly one day–bam–you’re not even talking anymore.

Here are some of my favorite stories that deal with this topic:

Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Next Door handled this beautifully and realistically.

Genevieve and Lara Jean’s former friendship (and how they interact since they still hang out in the same circles) was a really great aspect of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before/P.S. I Still Love You.


Anna and her friend from home hit some realistic rocky moments throughout the story, and I loved it.





Have you ever lost a friend you thought you’d have in your life forever??