Beauty Books versus YouTube tutorials

I was at Barnes and Noble the other day, poring over Lauren Conrad’s book. Not her fiction book series, but her beauty book. In it, she gives detailed instructions on how to achieve some of her makeup looks and intricate hair styles. It reminded me of the pre-YouTube tutorial days, when people would buy and, rely on, How-To beauty books.

As a writer maybe it’s wrong for me to say this, but it surprises me that people would still turn to a book to get tips on makeup when the YouTube community actually demonstrates move for move how and what to do.




There’s really no contest on which gets the point across better. If I could figure out how to apply eyeshadow from one of these videos than anyone can.

Even Lo Bosworth (Lauren Conrad’s friend from Laguna Beach and The Hills) has gotten in on the beauty guru action


Which of course makes me wonder: if The Hills was still on the air, would this cause some dramatic fight between Lauren and Lo, with one going the book route and one on YouTube?? (probably not. But I really do miss all those dramatic fights.)

Anyway. Speaking of makeup and books, how cute is the cover of this YA novel??

I saw it at B&N, but didn’t buy it. I’m thinking I might soon though based on the great cover. I know we’re not supposed to be judgy with covers but I think, deep down, we all secretly do it.