Best and Worst Halloweens (But Mostly Worst)

Even as a kid, I didn’t adore Halloween. It was just always one of those things where expectations were so high it had no choice but to fall majorly flat.

If you’re a Friends fan, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the way I feel about Halloween is how Chandler feels about Thanksgiving.

I’ve honestly never had a good one. Or at least one that met or exceeded expectations. But still, there were some fun moments.

Below is concrete evidence I have always hated Halloween. I am in the blue dress and tiara right in the middle, looking bored out of my mind.


This next one was possibly my favorite Halloween, except for the fact that all the horrible kids called me Vanessa (Ursula in disguise) b/c of my brown hair, but I still loved the costume, and the fact that I got to wear a little makeup. Oh and you also get two random bonus pics b/c I scanned them all together years ago and am too lazy to crop. That’s me and my brother horseback riding, and me having breakfast with the White Rabbit in Disney World (I was, apparently, very shy/excited to meet him.



For this particular Halloween, while every other normal child was planning their costumes for at least a month, I was over in some corner, not caring. So last minute I tied two pillows to my person with a robe tie and called myself a pillow. Exhibit A:



What was your best or favorite Halloween costume???