Birthday Haul!



If you’re a YouTube beauty video addict like me, you’ve not only heard of Lush, you’ve been dying to try it. Mostly everything is made from food, so the ingredients are completely natural. They’re also vehemently against animal testing. So if you’ve got super sensitive skin (me!) and are a huge animal lover (*waves hand around wildly*) it’s perfect.

It’s also kind of pricey. Your best bet is to walk into a Lush store where you can get some samples and try the products out. They finally opened one at my local mall, so I went on my birthday. I got the King of Skin moisture bar, which is made of avocado and bananas, a sample of a coconut almond shower smoothie, and a full size hand and body cream called Sympathy for the Skin. It’s apparently Lush’s best seller, and I CAN SEE WHY. It smells amazing.

Lush haul

If you look closely, you can see the little bits of vanilla bean in the moisturizer. It’s made from bananas and vanilla, and smells kind of like vanilla iced banana bread. And heaven.

There also happens to be a Sephora in the same mall, so I may have gone in there too.

Believe it or not, I only got one thing in Sephora, even though I spent close to an hour wandering around, waiting for something to jump out at me. It’s not that I didn’t see anything I wanted, it’s just that I already own everything. But then I saw the single Urban Decay shadows. I have a palette I’ve been working on filling up, so I got a color called Maui Wowee.

Lush haul

It’s the color all the way on the right. You can’t tell from the pic, but when I swatch it it’s a really pretty greenish gold.

Some other presents included this incredible, amazing, perfect Laura Mercier rose gold highlighter that I didn’t know existed, and a new Benefit Blush called Rockateur blush (also rose gold, also something I didn’t know existed–thanks, Mom and Dad!).

Lush haul


Then of course there’s Hanson merch I’ve wanted forever. An acoustic DVD/CD of Middle of Nowhere, their first album from 1997, but it’s recorded live in 2007 (it’s yet to arrive, but knowing it’s on its way makes me happy! Thanks, Scott!), an “I Took The Walk” shirt, and a documentary called “Strong Enough to Break” about their struggle to start their own label. These are all things I’ve wanted and felt like such a bad Fanson for not owning but I either a) didn’t have the $ or b) hadn’t taken The Walk yet to actually buy the shirt.


Also, Hanson sizing is kind of schizo, and believe it or not that is actually a medium. I may have to belt it and wear it as a dress.

That’s pretty much the extent of my birthday haul!