Blogger’s Block

So admittedly, I don’t get writer’s block too often. I find that by pushing through and writing anyway–writing anything–it usually unkinks itself and it’s not too terrible.

But this week I suffered horribly from blogger’s block. I couldn’t think of a single solitary thing to post that would be interesting!

So I started working through my usual rituals to get fun ideas:

I obsessively checked my favorite celebrities’ twitter feeds (all my favs are flying low under the publicity radar. No help there.)

I worked on my new MS (but it’s summer and so nice out so that got old fast.)

I read! I’m currently hooked on a newly discovered author named Morgan Matson whom I adore!!!

But none of these things helped to unkink my blogger’s block.

I’m not a superstitious person by any means, but in the past all of these things have helped me immensely.


What are your favorite remedies for writer’s (or blogger’s!) block??