Changing Tastes

Lately I have become obsessed with the show Frasier. I despised it when it was originally airing. I’d catch bits and pieces during the Thursday night NBC lineup when I’d watch Friends and Will and Grace and I never understood the humor.

Fast forward over a decade and I can’t get enough.

Of course it’s not just Frasier. It’s food, too. As a kid I hated pizza. I dreaded the pizza party in elementary school and never liked when my parents brought it in for dinner. Now?

and, of course, books. Recently I’ve been branching out and reading different genres, including Dystopian, Fantasy, and Paranormal…I’ve found as long as the story is good, I am riveted. So never say never I guess. Tastes change, and horizens expand!

Have you ever sworn you could never like something only to find you were wrong??