Cocoa and Bananas and Jojoba…Oh My.

I have the same New Years Resolution every single year: make body moisturizing a part of my daily routine.

I finally started seriously doing it this past winter and I realized something: it’s less of a chore if the stuff smells like a baked good.


The only thing that can be confusing is the sheer variety of moisturizers. It used to be that you simply picked whichever cream did the job. Now we have whipped body butters and shea cocoa moisturizers, moisture milks, and skin smoothies. Then there are the oils pressed from pomegranates or grape seeds, and straight maracuja or jojoba oils.

You can even get your fix via moisture bar. I have this one made of avocados and bananas that’s meant to be used on damp skin.


It’s enough to overwhelm even the most savvy beauty/skin care connoisseur (and if that savvy connoisseur could tell me what exactly jojoba is, I’d be grateful. It is fun to say though, isn’t it?)

Also, it all makes me very hungry.

In the end it really boils down to your skin type. Personally, I like straight oils in winter, when my skin needs some extra TLC, and I also really love the LUSH Sympathy for the Skin cream moisturizer because it smells like bananas and vanilla. I find the better the stuff smells the more likely I am to use it.

What’s your moisture of choice??