Day to Night

I’ll admit it: When girls flood a YouTuber’s comments’ section with pleas to watch their unknown videos, I’ll check out said videos (before it’s marked as spam, of course). I do it to give them an extra view. I feel really bad for anyone trying to start a beauty channel now–all YouTubers had to start somewhere, and now it seems close to impossible to break into the beauty community (unless maybe you’re friends with one of the major gurus).

So when the big time gurus get to the point in their career where they’re offered hosting opportunities on other channels, it seems to cause an uproar among subscribers. Especially the subs who are so desperate to break in any way they can, and would be willing to upload a video every day of the week to make it happen.

Below is a video from almost exactly one year ago. Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi (probably my fav YouTuber) is doing a “Get Ready with Me!” — which went on to become her most popular style of video (LOVE these videos!!)

Now, within the past couple of months Ingrid has been named the new host of Awesomeness TV’s “Make Me Over” series. Which is so fun, and a great opportunity for her. Definitely something different from her usual content on her own channel.

I understand¬†why¬†these girls are branching out and taking the jobs. It’s obviously super fun, and a change of pace. But it just kind of sucks when they cut back to one video every other week on their main channel–the channels that catapulted them to YouTube fame in the first place. When they were trying hard to build a subscriber base, I remember being so excited when at least three uploads a week popped up in my inbox.

Does it frustrate you when gurus cut back to branch out, or do you understand where they’re coming from??