I’m a creature of habit, and can only really write in my own bedroom. But lately things have been a bit insane at my house (re: people in and out all the live long day) which means writing time has been hard.

I’ve still stuck to my new year’s resolution of writing every day, but I’m just barely getting by. Sure, some distractions are okay, like a great TV show or a cute kitten that wants to play or cuddle (or just randomly pose like a model.)


I wish I could write in cafes, but I can’t. I’m always in awe of anyone that can pull that off, since it seems like ADD-city to me. So I’ve been trying to attempt to work through strangers popping in and out of my work space all day.

Pretty soon a week’s gone by and I’ve barely hit a thousand words and I feel like 10 more years will pass and I’ll be all

I can really see why a lot of writers make sure they have an office, or create a specific work-vibe area that isn’t just a room. Maybe the more serious the setting, the more seriously people will take you? But then I think of Carrie Bradshaw. Sure she was fictional in every sense of the word (what writer has the money for one Manolo Blahnik let alone a closet full?), but she worked from her bedroom and it was fine.

I’ve always said if I had the money, I’d book a hotel room and write. But the operative word here is money, and frankly, I’m unfamiliar with the stuff.

The problem is, the more the distractions, the less I want to even bother trying, and the more I search for excuses to do other things.


So what’s your biggest distraction when you write and how do you deal??