Face Melting Heat and Perfume

Sometimes plans fail.

Remember in my last post how I mentioned I was Taking the Walk with Hanson last weekend and I seemed to have my makeup routine all worked out? Well, I took The Walk with Hanson all right. On the most humid day of the entire summer.

My hair and my face didn’t hold up too well.

I did manage to achieve my dream of 16 years, which was to somehow get a picture with Hanson. Granted, it’s a photo bomb, and it’s not all three brothers, only Ike and Zac. But still! I’m pretty happy with it. My brother (a newly converted fan) got in the picture too. That life-changing pic (and a few others from the day) are on my¬†Twitter¬†page.

On another note, the NARS Smudge Proof Shadow primer must be made of miracles and super glue, because my eye shadow didn’t budge the entire day/night, despite the face-melting heat.

Another thing that didn’t seem to budge was my pefume. It never does, because I wear it all the time. I did think long and hard about wearing it for The Walk since mosquitos come from miles just to bite me, but that tends to happen regardless of whether I’m wearing perfume or not. Also there’s the fact that I don’t feel like myself unless I’m wearing my Ralph Lauren Romance. Which made me realize something: I never change up my perfume with the seasons. Ever.

I’ve been wearing Romance since I was about fifteen. It’s my signature. I know some people who like to go lighter fragrance-wise in the summer, or maybe just use those seasonal body sprays from Bath and Body Works. But for me, it doesn’t feel natural to wear anything else.

Am I the only one who is completely incapable of changing with seasons, or do most people switch it up??

As you can see, despite my fairly extensive perfume collection, I have three bottles of Ralph Lauren Romance, a mini sample bottle. Oh, and that pink body spray is–you guessed it–Romance.


Perfume is clearly so subjective. I can understand and appreciate why YouTubers do perfume collection videos (they are highly requested).

I enjoy these videos. It’s so interesting to me to see what people gravitate to and why. If I do decide to check out some of the gurus’ suggestions, I’ll go to Ulta and spray those little paper sticks, flapping them around till the notes have settled.

More often than not though, I end up just sniffing the coffee beans the store keeps out in little glass bowls because I think that smells better than most perfumes.