Fall? No. Just…no.

Confession: I haven’t purchased any new makeup in a while. A really long while, actually. I’m just not that into the fall colors. Maybe it’s because (brace yourself, internet) fall is my least favorite season. Actually, that’s putting it sort of lightly.


It’s weird. I seem to be alone in this opinion. I’m not sure when things shifted, but growing up, fall was simply the worst thing ever, and everyone hated it right along with me. The last few weeks of August were treasured and mourned all at once. Fall meant starting school again, which absolutely everyone I knew dreaded. But if social networking these days is any indication, I’m currently very alone in my love of summer and my never-ending wish that it will…well…never end. Or at least extend until winter, which I also enjoy.

People can’t stop talking about it. Every status update and tweet I see is all, “go away summer, bring on boots and scarves, and pumpkins and cider, and I’m all



So once September rolls around, I lack makeup motivation. Usually I need to have specific, concrete reasons and events to wear fun eye makeup, and summer is one giant reason and event. However, this September, I have two fun things: My birthday (technically I’m still a summer baby. Only by a few days. But still. Thank God.) And I have tickets to a concert.

If you read my 10 Random Facts post you’ll know that I am a massive Hanson (yes, Mmmbop, yes they’re still around) fan. I’m seeing their show on Long Island, so I’ve been swatching colors and trying to figure out what look to wear for the show. I go so crazy you’d think I’m the one performing onstage, but I think it’s fun to have an outfit and makeup look planned out in advance.

I always go through the same cycle before a fun event. I watch a bunch of makeup tutorials and tell myself I’ll do something super elaborate, with lots of shimmer and sharp lines.

and then the day of, I freeze up, get fallout and glitter particles all over my face, and it gets a little…

So to avoid all that, I’ll be sticking with neutrals. Most likely a simple look I can whip up using my Urban Decay Naked Palette. Call me unadventurous, but I’d rather be cautious and stick with my fool-proof makeup for next month (notice how I said “next month” and not “fall”???)

Stupid, stupid fall.