Five Higher Pressured Things Than a 2nd MS

Working on something new while on sub is a strange kind of pressure.

My agent hasn’t read anything new from me yet. Maybe because I’m slower than most? Or maybe because we were working on revisions for AT FIRST BLUSH for a while? Not sure. But it will happen and I’m a little nervous.

Then I remember that there are other, way more stressy jobs I could have. Here are 5 things that are way more nerve-racking than submitting your second MS.

#5. Substitute teaching

I remember always having super nice, talented subs, but unfortunately they spent the whole class visibly fearful of the pranks some obnoxious students would try and pull. I remember thinking how hard it must be to stand up there in front of a room full of kids that have it out for you.

4. Doctoring/nursing.

One of my best friends of 12 years is currently in his 3rd year of residency in neurology, and beginning the application process for a stroke fellowship.

Granted, he doesn’t perform actual brain surgery, but he makes extremely important decisions and deals with all kinds of scary procedures.

All I know is, I couldn’t do it.

3. This:

Olympians spend years and years practicing, and it all boils down to one move–like the above vault–for the entire world to see. The most I’ve ever accomplished was a double cartwheel in gymnastics. Never even got up to backflips. I’ll take write/revise/repeat over the Olympics any day.

2. Going on Dancing with the Stars.

Imagine being so incredibly, outrageously famous in the ’90s/early 2000s…and then your entire career revival is dependent on this:


1. Being the poor sap who has to fill these shoes.

Good luck following this act, future Yankees’ shortstop!

Now, clearly writing a second MS and being on sub really doesn’t seem half bad.

What are some things that stress you out when it comes to your writing?? How do you deal??