Once fall/winter roll around I get more and more into cooking. As a vegetarian (not to mention THE PICKIEST VEGETARIAN YOU WILL EVER MEET), I have more limitations than most, and am hard to impress. This mac and cheese recipe is one of my favorites, and always comes out SO GOOD. It’s also not too hard.

look how pretty!



and here’s the recipe if you’re interested. It’s from Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa)

Mac and Cheese recipe

Ina’s definitely one of those people you either love or hate

but even if she grates my cheese sometimes, I try to just take her with a grain of salt (ha. ha.) and this recipe is too good to pass up.

I used storebought breadcrumbs b/c aint nobody got time for that homemade b.s….but it still comes out great!

What’s your favorite fall/winter recipe??