This blog is a day late but that’s because yesterday was a big, festive Friendaversary.

How I met my friend Regina is kind of a funny story. If you know a thing about me, you know I adore the band Hanson, and have loved them since I was thirteen and Mmmbop debuted.



I remember doing my middle school homework and waiting impatiently for this video to come on MTV/VH1/Muchmusic and freaking out with happiness each time it came on (and forgetting all about my homework when it did.)

I tweeted a TBT last week of what my walls used to look like. Obviously for a lot of fans of any band, people grow up and tastes change.

Not for me. They may not sell out the Hollywood Bowl anymore (and I swear my walls don’t look like that now) but believe me when I say us Hanson fans are still HARDCORE. If you’re curious, yes they still play Mmmbop at EVERY live show. Here’s a recent one from this past summer:


Anyway back to the story: I was a freshman in college and had the same broadcasting class with this girl Regina all semester. We’d casually say “hi” entering or exiting class. We didn’t really talk other than that. Then one day I was hanging out by the school’s radio station and Regina was there chatting with a fellow classmate of ours. I wasn’t in the conversation and was just playing on my phone, half listening. Regina started talking about her boyfriend, and the girl said “oh, cute, can I see a picture of you guys?” and Regina got out her wallet and when she went to get the picture of her with her bf, a tiny picture fluttered to the ground instead. She reached for it and said something like “oh, that’s just a picture of me and Taylor Hanson. No one cares about that.”

I shouted out something stupid like “I DO! I CARE DEEPLY! I LOVE HANSON!”

and that was that! instant best friends. At this point Hanson had left their record label and were in the process of creating their own, indie label. Needless to say, the bulk of the fanbase had died out, so bumping into a fellow Hanson fan was a rare and exotic experience. Kind of like seeing a snow leopard, or an Indigo Macaw. That was the day of her 19th birthday and a year later I was invited to her party. Every year since we’ve called her birthday our “Friendaversary.” A decade later we’re still friends, that “boyfriend” is now her husband and they have a little girl named Elizabeth (Izzy) and another girl on the way.

Interestingly enough, for all my talk of makeup, I don’t wear it that often. But last night I copied a look I saw Missglamorazzi do that I lovedĀ  (this look)

I got creative and used a different kind of green eyeliner. This is how it turned out!


and now I know why YouTubers always go heavier on the makeup–IT NEVER SHOWS UP IN PICS. But trust me, it looked nice in person.