Hair and Makeup–and Awesome Conan Perks

In a previous post, I mentioned how I used to turn my day makeup into a going-out look when I was at my internships.

There was one option I forgot to mention: the makeup artist in the Hair and Makeup room would do our hair or makeup for us if we wanted.

This was definitely one of the best perks of working at NBC, besides all the free checkups we could ever want at the NBC infirmary! Oh, and also there was that really cool Conan Swag Bin, with old broken junk staffers no longer had use for, but us interns could sift through for hours.

The Hair and Makeup room was pretty much just a tiny, disorganized hair salon. It was filled with overflowing drawers and bins of makeup, a sink, light bulb lined mirrors, and a large, swivel chair. Although it should have been a joyous place, made up of dreams and rainbows, I always associate this room with one of my most fearful moments as an intern. My very first day at Conan, I was shadowing two interns distributing updated pre-show scripts. They pointed across the hall, and asked me to slip a script in the mailbox attached to a slightly open door. I peeked inside and saw Conan sitting in the chair, getting his pompadour blown out. I freaked out, dropped the script on a side table, and ran for my life. I’m not sure why I ran. Maybe I was under the impression that seeing Conan pre-pompadour meant I’d have to be interrogated and deprogrammed?

Anyway, this room was a makeup lover’s dream. And I LOVED doing the occasional Sephora run for the makeup artist. I always wished I could have spent more time in there to learn more about what she did.

I think that’s why I made a Hair and Makeup room such a central setting for my book. It was my chance to revisit the one place I didn’t spend enough time in, and writing it as my MC’s hideaway was the perfect way to do it.