It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite YouTuber, but when a new upload from Ingrid Nilsen (better known as Missglamorazzi) pops up in my subscription box, I get pretty excited. She’s sweet, she’s bubbly, and you can’t help but smile while watching her.

Recently Ingrid teamed up with her good friend, (and another guru I love), FleurdeForce, to film the ever controversial haul video. Of course the girls got a lot of hate. Haul videos always do. Some viewers love to watch as the girls display all the purchases of their recent shopping trips. Plenty of viewers don’t. The comments’ section is like a warzone. Some people defend the gurus, saying this is their job and it’s their right to purchase high-end. Others claim it’s braggy and obnoxious to sit around, flaunting your expensive makeup and clothes.

Then, more often than not, the commenters start fighting with each other.

Either way, love ’em or hate ’em, haul videos (and the comments that come with them) are always entertaining.

Are you Team Haul? Personally, I love them. Even if I can’t afford a fraction of what the gurus are showing, they’re only trying to give us ideas on upcoming trends. YouTube gives me better and more current insight into the fashion and makeup world than a fashion magazine. Plus, it’s free, and doesn’t leave my hands smelling like perfume samples.