Holiday Tutorials

One thing I’ve noticed about YouTube tutorials is how, once a guru gains fame, the tutorials stop. When I first got hooked I was spoiled by at least three tutorials a week from one channel, and now, if we’re lucky, subscribers will get one a month.

As someone who learned how to apply makeup because of these videos I have mixed feelings about a guru slowing down: for one thing, how many ways can we learn how to apply makeup? Once you learn the basics (shimmery colors on the lid, matte in the crease for a big-eyed effect/dark on the lid blended up to the crease for a smoky eye) you can figure out how to do a million looks.

On the other hand, I LOVE TUTORIALS. I can’t help it. The hollow sounds of the wood-handled brushes clinking together, the shimmering swirls of powders floating through the air.  I can’t get enough. I wrote a book about it, for crying out loud.

Then between October and January it seems as though we’re inundated. Gurus are posting tutorial after tutorial, week after week. The only thing is, the entire month of October is filled with Halloween tutorials.

Lipstick should never be used to portray a gash of blood.

So, as much as I enjoy the flood of makeup tutorials in my YouTube inbox this time of year, it’s sort of a moot point because I know I’ll be skipping the majority of them. Makeup and horror are two words that don’t go together, and using gorgeous, velvety shadows to indicate a horrible wound seems just plain wrong.

Not all the Halloween tutorials are gory. Some show you how to have a Little Mermaid look–by pulling a fishnet stocking over your head and then applying green shadow to the side of your face for that natural, scaly effect.

No. Just…no. I love Ariel, but let’s not get that authentic.


FYI: This is about as crafty as I can get on Halloween.