How Are You Your Character?

I love when an author infuses some little personal trait(s) into their characters.

Here’s a list of my own personal traits I put in my main characters in AT FIRST BLUSH.


She loves makeup and I love it too (although she wears it a lot more often than I do) and the back of my hand always has stripes of eye shadow swatches on it like hers. We’re also both vegetarians and eggplant parm lovers.

Cynth (Lacey’s best friend): she interns for The Good Evening Show with Blake Kingston and I interned for Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. Also, she’s insanely overly dramatic and I can be dramatic. Although I don’t cut my hair every time something doesn’t go my way the way she does.

Tyler (Lacey’s love interest): He is STUBBORN. And so am I.

He has a thing for super old and classic TV sitcoms and I love super old and classic sitcoms. He also believes the world would be a better place without egg salad. I’m cool with egg salad, but I feel this way about numerous foods, including but not limited to: Cheerios, tuna casserole, and onions.

Kendall (makeup artist and Lacey’s supervisor at On Trend magazine): We’re both really pragmatic and can see big pictures really clearly. Kendall knows what’s best for Lacey and she does an awesome job at subtly scheming so Lacey will open her eyes and see what’s good for her. I too am good at scheming to get my way.

what traits of your own have you given your characters?