How I’ll Deal With…

…Book reviews.

It’s something I dread and fear. It’s something I’ve decided I will not indulge in. No Goodreads, no Google. No Amazon. Once I become a published author, I vow to be internetless. I’ll find ways to entertain myself. Fred Flintstone did just fine.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t handle it well when someone doesn’t like me. I know it’s not in my control. I know not everyone is going to like me. The trick is to focus on the good. The readers who will love my work.

Except that I’m the type that no matter how many reach out to me on my birthday, I always think about those annoying few friends who forget, or passively say it two days later. (For the record, I’m talking about actual real-life friends–not random people on there I hardly know.)

Or, even worse, when someone unfollows me on Twitter or unfriends me on Facebook because they’re “cleaning house.”

I hardly even use FB anymore. I’m not an over-sharer. I don’t get poltical. I don’t flood the feed. I have AMAZING social media etiquette.


I remember after a year working at Conan/Fallon and making so many wonderful friends, there were a bunch of interns that simply stopped. Stopped texting, stopped writing fun, inside-jokey Facebook posts with me. Then there were those who deleted me and a bunch of my friends altogether, only remaining friends with interns they felt had good connections, or staffers.

Overall, I took it with a grain of salt. Some people are just users. But there were a few I had spent days training, developing great bonds and getting along extremely well with, so when they shut me and my group of friends out after the semester, it stung.

I know it’s never all that personal. Except sometimes it is. So here I came out of one of the best times of my life with a multitude of friends, and all I could think of was this handful of two-faced people.

And I just know it’ll be the same with book reviews. I could get ten amazing reviews and one negative one will crush me.

Then again, people always say bad reviews are better than no reviews, which I suppose can be true too?

Do you read your own reviews, or do you plan to when you get them???