I Need More Fantastic Books


I discovered something kind of interesting the other day while skimming my Goodreads TBR list. I tend to only read books that have ridiculously high popularity ratings.

Another thing I realized: I always get sucked into a trend years after it’s popular. I either wasn’t that into it at the time it was a huge success or never got around to it. This is also the case for me when it comes to TV shows too. This fact dawned on me the other night because I’m currently in the midst of the Twilight Saga (I’m on Eclipse right now…yes, it’s taken me seven-ish years to get around to Twilight. I guess I was waiting to see how it would do?)

But what about all the great books that don’t get so much buzz?? Or might exist right now but won’t gain buzz for a year or more? Where can I track these down–am I missing out on some top secret awesome underground book blog??

How do you discover great books??