I <3 Long Island

I realized something the other day. All my MCs are from Long Island. I worried that this isn’t normal, but then I remembered that a lot of my favorite authors do this. Nearly every Harlan Coben mystery takes place in New Jersey, and Sarah Dessen’s fictional beach town of Colby was the home for more than half her books.

I think it’s fine, since I’ve lived here my whole life! and here are some pictures of some LI places I visited on Monday.


^^ I already posted a pic of Jones Beach Ampitheater when I did my Love List , but the above is a picture I actually took myself Monday (I’m quite proud of it!) I can’t explain how magical it is to see a concert here. My MS has a really fun scene where the MC and her love interest see a show here, and I really hope I did it justice!


^^ another Jones Beach staple that makes an appearance in my MS. This is the Jones Beach pencil shaped water tower that you kind of have to drive around to get past.


^^ It looks like NO ONE was on the beach but it was actually quite crowded (I took these photos from the Long Beach boardwalk overlooking the beach) if you look closely you can see some ships out in the distance.


^ ^ ^ Ariel’s rock when she’s promising herself someday she’ll be part of Eric’s world. A really cool rock.


I love this place!! I usually only go once a year–one time in the summer–and it’s the only time I like/eat fried food. I get the fried scallops and fried shrimp and french fries and cole slaw and then spend the rest of the year working out.

So that was my day on Monday!! Happy 4th of July weekend!

Do you find the majority of your MCs live in the same town?