I’m still alive!

so, I’m not doing so hot lately!

the stomach issues were not related to my sinus infection and long story short, I’ve had a TON of testing this week, including but not limited to: a trip to the ER, CT scans of my stomach, and an endoscopy this morning…I’ve never had any procedures done in my life, so meds/anasthetia (sp) & radioactivity (from the contrast dye scan thing) in my body all in one week has WIPED ME OUT.

Anyway, it seems it’s all stress, because so far all my tests are coming back fine, just a ton of irritation and acid issues…I’m grateful it’s not an ulcer, (THANK YOU WEB M.D. FOR YOUR SUGGESTION) but it def is making me feel the worst I have ever felt in my life!

I’m on some meds and should be back to myself soon.

This is VERY HARD FOR ME….I enjoy routine, I love my regular meals and workouts and writing schedule, so not doing much of anything this past week has been a nightmare…but here’s hoping i’m 100% very soon!

And Alex rocks, because this made my whole day yesterday!!! 🙂  love the blogger community!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and here’s hoping I’ll be posting that writing blog I’ve been drafting for like 2 weeks! can’t wait to catch up on the A-Z blogs I’ve been missing!