Interview with Sioux Trett!

I am SO pumped to have Sioux here today to talk with me about her book DRAWN IN, the cover, fav manuscript moments, and, of course, dessert.


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Hi Beth! I’m so excited to be on your blog today–thanks so much for having me here!

1.  I remember reading a bit of your story from the 777 tag, and loved Rennie instantly! What do you love the most about her?

Thank you! That makes me so happy to hear—I love her too! I think my favourite things about Rennie are her humor (much like me, she is fluent in Sarcasm), and her ability to adapt and grow. She has been through a rough time and has basically ignored how that’s affected her, but as the story goes on we get to see her grow in confidence and in action—most of the time without her even realizing it. I love that for her.

2. I am completely enamored with how covers come to be, and you know how I feel about yours! It’s incredible. Tell us about that process, and how you felt when you first saw the cover.

Oh my goodness, my cover. I love it so much, and I’m thrilled that it has resonated with so many people! The process was… unconventional? Yeah, we’ll go with that. I had decided long ago to hire a great cover artist, because I’m all about a gorgeous cover, and that is one of the huge perks to self-publishing is getting to choose every last detail. So I had it narrowed down to two great sites that I was considering, and then on a whim I asked my super talented friend Leslie to see what she would come up with (just to sort of give me a jumping off point—see what I wanted and didn’t want, be able to edit with someone I was comfortable with, that kind of thing). She sent me one idea and it had potential. We chatted a bit, and she came back with My Cover. I had instant goosebumps. It took my breath away that she nailed it so perfectly.

3. Can you share a favorite line or moment from DRAWN IN?

I do! I have a few of them, so I’m really glad that you asked me this. *happy dance* This one is when Alex and Rennie are on their first date. Rennie has rather timid taste buds and doesn’t venture into exotic cuisine much. Alex, not knowing this about her yet, takes her to sushi (and by the way, the restaurant he takes her to is one of my personal favourites in real life… just a little insider secret there). Rennie confesses that she’s a little afraid of Japanese food, and has no idea what to order. Here’s what happens…

“Maybe I’ll let you do the ordering for both of us. If that isn’t too old-fashioned and weird.”

He smiles at me, a twinkle in his eye. “You trust me that much?”

“I do,” I reply without hesitation.

“Okay, then. I’d be happy to.”

“Great,” I sigh with relief. “But no raw fish, okay? I really can’t face that.”

“No raw fish,” he echoes.

“And no caterpillar.”

He looks confused so I point it out on the menu. He laughs, a mouth-open, eyes closed, full-bodied belly laugh, and any tension that was hanging between us melts. “I’m sorry,” he says when he can talk again. “I don’t mean to make fun, but you are just so cute. I promise there are no insects of any kind on the menu. It’s just covered in avocado, so it looks like a caterpillar.”

“Oh,” I say, laughing with him. “I’ve seen those travel shows where they go to Asian markets and they have bugs on sticks, deep-fried as snacks. It didn’t seem like such a leap.”

“No, you’re right. I’ve seen those shows too.” He studies the menu again while I study him. He really is beautiful. Then he gives me a quick glance and I can tell he’s trying not to laugh again. “Just so you know, the dragon roll doesn’t contain any real dragon either.”

I throw my napkin at him.

4. Do you plot your novels or pants them?

I’ve tried to be a plotter, but I am definitely a pantser! I felt for a long time that I wasn’t doing it right or that this wasn’t a “legit” way to write. But not long ago, I realized that if I diagram and outline and notecard the poor plot to death, by the time I go to write it, the magic is gone. It feels like I’m just connecting dots that are already laid out for me, and I just don’t function well that way. And neither do my characters! What I’ve started to do now is just jot down notes and ideas as they occur to me. It feels much more organic that way, and it makes the process go much more smoothly for me.

5. I love a good love interest! What makes Alex special?

Oh, Alex McKinley. Well, aside from being very nice to look at (‘cos really, what good love interest isn’t?), he’s also funny and sweet, he’s a gentleman and knows how to treat a girl, and he really understands what makes Rennie tick. He can also keep up with her geek side, and her literary side, and can even quote Shakespeare in conversation without sounding too cheesy. There’s also the fact that he has a bit of secret… did I mention he travels through time?


cookies, brownies, or ice cream?

As my former roommate and I used to say, “What is this OR you speak of?” Haha! Okay, well if cupcakes were on the list it would be a no-brainer. But as it is, I think I would go with ice cream. My favourites are Superior Dairy from Hanford California (any flavor!), or Thrifty brand Double Chocolate Malted Crunch, or my dad’s homemade peach or blackberry.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog!!  I had so much fun getting to chat with you!


Sioux was awesome enough to bring a gift! One commenter will win this gorgeous scrabble tile pendant…it could also be a zip pull…it’s definitely versaTILE (I’m here all week)…seriously how gorgeous is this?




Sioux Trett was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, California (the setting of Drawn In). She graduated from college in Oregon, and  now makes her home in the beautiful Ozarks. When she’s not writing or reading, she can be found traveling, playing with the cutest puppy on the planet, or obsessing over things like Doctor Who, manicures, and Starbucks. Find more at her blog


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