Is It Just Me…?

I feel like there’s an epidemic that is reaching new levels of you-can’t-be-serious.

Celebrities writing books.

It doesn’t bother me one bit if the celebs genuinely care about the work they’re putting out, attend conferences and events, do their best to learn the craft, and have passion when they promote (and there are many!) And I’m not talking about a star penning a memoir, since their platform is great and their story is interesting to a large audience.

I’m talking about when “celebrities” “write” fiction.

Just because they can.

I recently heard a celebrity (radio talk show host turned TV talk show host) talking about the romance novel she has coming out, and when asked what made her want to write a book she was all “Oh, I don’t even know. It’s just always been on my bucket list so I figured now’s the time to go for it. It was fun!”

I do try not to dwell since it doesn’t do me any good. But take a day like today, for instance. A day I’m feeling frustrated/down about my own progress and I hear a Real Housewife of Silicon Valley or whatever will be doing a signing so huge at Barnes & Noble that wristbands will have to be distributed.


Or finding out that a certain Jersey Shore gal who’s known for puking on boardwalks releases her YA novel Gorilla Beach, and gets to sign at the Huntington Book Revue…


Or learning that a teenager from the Disney channel is coming out with a YA series…

Or reading on Publishers Weekly that a YouTube star/beauty blogger wrote a YA novel THAT SOUNDS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THE YA MAKEUP BOOK I WROTE ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO nabs a big 5 deal…

I know it’s nothing personal, and it does no good to be envious of a situation that’s been a problem in all forms of art since the dawn of time. But breaking into the entertainment industry (TV/movies/YouTube, music, modeling, publishing, fashion design/fragrance etc etc) is grueling. And the reasons we’re rejected are so subjective.

And then celebs and reality personalities get book deals. Or clothing lines. Or perfumes. Or probiotic yogurt. Or ALL OF THESE THINGS.

When you really think about it, it’s funny. Then it’s just depressing.

Sometimes I fantasize about a world where established authors decide they want to break into acting just to “add it to their bucket list” and, say, Harlan Coben, beats out Channing Tatum in the next Hollywood blockbuster. Or Sue Grafton tries her hand in the next Jennifer Aniston rom-com.

I understand publishing is a business, and businesses are about pulling in money. And of course big names sell. But I just wish celebrities had to experience what we did: querying, sub, waiting, hoping.

Thankfully, there are so many wonderful and supportive writers, agents, editors, etc that make so many debut authors’ dreams come true and work hard to make sure us regular folk get a shot too.

what are your thoughts?? Does a famous name draw you to the book any faster? Or do you wish it wasn’t so easy for these stars to break into a biz that puts up so many walls for us nobodies???