Judging Makeup by its Packaging

When I first set eyes on Dior’s new¬†Mystic Metallic Constellation¬†palette I was blown away. Do I even need to say why? Just look at it for crying out loud.

And then I remembered a few things: 1) I can’t afford it. 2) There are plenty of other eye shadows out there with an equally shimmering, gorgeous, silky texture, for a way more affordable price. 3) The adorable design and alluring packaging is for suckers who lack willpower and probably have a debt-wish.



But then I also remember that you only live once, and a lot of these products are works of art (like this amazing MAC highlight powder on the left in the above picture). They’re only sold for a limited time. These are vintage collector’s items that won’t be around forever. Makeup lovers years from now will only know them as a myth.

By purchasing these collector’s items today, I’ll possess the ability to prove its existence tomorrow. That’s a lot of power. I owe it to society to debunk an inevitable urban legend.

But then that price tag stares me in the face again and I’m back to wondering why. WHY does the packaging always draw me in? Why can’t the sensible, plain looking products be as tantalizing?