Lock the Damn Door!

Semi- recently I read a YA book that I simply adored. I loved it so much I told everyone about it and I even blogged about it around winter of last year. However, one thing happened toward the end that made me roll my eyes a bit. It was one of those moments in the plot that worked to move everything forward, yet in order for that to occur, the characters found themselves in circumstances that seemed totally implausible and made me do this

I’ve seen these kinds of forced occurrences in so many wonderful books, and I understand it–we need something dramatic to happen sometimes in order to set things in motion. Still, I just wish it wouldn’t be so obviously unnatural for characters who have no previous interactions to be in a setting they’d never be in, doing things they’d never do just to push things forward.

But it’s okay, because it happens in movies and TV shows too. I call it the Lock the Damn Door! theory. If sitcom characters just locked their freaking doors, it would cure a lot of agita.

Also, we’d have no television shows.

Think about it. Kramer slides in whenever he damn pleases.


Despite Carl’s best efforts (and the fact that he was consistently on the verge of a stress-induced aneurysm), Urkel is ALWAYS popping in at the Winslow house.

(side note: I love Urkel!! And if he was my neighbor I’d leave my door unlocked too–my fridge is always well-stocked with various cheeses, and we could talk about the origins of said cheeses for hours!)

She may be DJ’s best friend, but the rest of the Tanners would prefer if DJ and Kimmy Gibbler hung out anywhere outside the house.

Charles may have been in charge, but Mr. Powell still had final say, and he made it incredibly clear: Buddy Lembeck was NOT welcome.

Ray Barone’s parents lived across the street. ‘Nuff said.

Of course, that one time it wouldn’t have mattered if their door had been locked…

So, we’d have no great stories and no great sitcoms if it weren’t for a few plot holes now and then.

Is there a book you’ve read like this? Where a plot point just seemed so forced, yet you loved the story too much to care???