Love List

I was racking my brains trying to think of a good blog for this week. Which is hard, since my brain is super fried from revisions! But I got this idea from Leandra (love her blog!)

When you go over the same material for months on end there are moments where you want to shred the whole MS. More often than not, I can only see the weak parts. So, since I’ve been feeling too critical/hard on myself at times these past few weeks I think today’s the perfect day to do a “love list” for my MS! Below is a list of things in my MS that I just adore:

Love list

super cute rock star
designer couture
red carpets
a summer concert at Jones Beach Ampitheatre
tour bus
frozen yogurt
a furniture store that Lacey calls home




^^^ Jones Beach Amp! My MC takes a cute rock star to see a concert here (showing him what it’s like from the fan perspective…sitting in nosebleed) and it’s one of my favorite scenes. 🙂


What’s your love list??