Makeup Pun Overload

While I’m revising my manuscript I’ve also been thinking about new titles. I never even liked my current one (THE MAKEUP DIARIES); I’d only come up with it as a working title, but now it’s time to seriously re-think it.

I have a few options. I could go the Sarah Dessen route and choose a phrase or line I love from my book.

Or I could do something along the makeup-pun line (every attempt at that has been oozing with cheese and corn and I despise each makeup-y title)

Or I could just write twenty words down on a piece of paper, pin the list to the wall, close my eyes and point to three.

My family has been coming up with suggestions, which has been amusing. The look of sheer joy, excitement, and helpfulness is quickly wiped off their faces when I laugh hysterically or throw something at the wall.

Brainstorming on titles is a crash course in realizing how easy it is to screw up a great book. This title has to encompass all my book has to offer. It has to sparkle and shine but in a subtle way. It has to be pretty and enchanting and intriguing, all with a touch of whimsy.

Which is why it cannot be called “Makeup, Bitch” as one person who shall remain anonymous suggested (jokingly–I think)

Overall, narrowing it down is super exciting. I’ll know when it hits me. I’ll feel it in my gut. My heart will sing.

And it’ll be nice to title my word doc as something other than “Makeup Book.”