More Than A Book Deal

The only thing that can take a writer’s mind off book deals is to put yourself into the running for something else. Something even bigger.

By now you all know my two loves: the band Hanson, and America’s #1 game show, Wheel of Fortune.

Well, I am currently entered into amazing contests for both of these loves of mine.

First up: The Wheel contest.


Basically, you have to state why you’d be the best person to give the $350 wedge a home, since they’ve retired $350 from the wheel this season. I stated, in 350 words or less, why I would be the best person to receive the wedge. I also may have thrown in an illustration using Paint program depicting the relaxing days the wedge would have if it came home with me.

Next is the Hanson contest.

Hanson on Your Voicemail

For this one all I had to do was be a valid member of the fan club (duh) and make sure my profile was filled out on the website. They’ve completely revamped their website last week and have decided to grace 15 lucky fans with an outgoing voicemail message on our phones, personally recorded by one of the guys.

I think it goes without saying that I need to win one of these contests. I keep thinking if I wish hard enough and ask nicely enough it will happen.

But I know it doesn’t work like that. I shouldn’t be too disappointed if I don’t win, though. I’ve actually had some pretty good contest luck over the years.

In no particular order here are some contests I have won:

An autographed Jennifer Love Hewitt CD when I was 15 via Sixteen Magazine (I still have it!)


This special promotional Friends final season poster. (more on that here)


a z100 exclusive, iHeartRadio concert at the elite PC Richards and Son theater in Tribeca to see Hanson! (look how close I was!)


and of course the Love YA girly pitch contest that wound up getting me signed!

Have you ever won a really cool contest???