My Birthday!! and a Penny Belle

So I had a whole blog planned, but Wednesday was my birthday and admittedly I just never got around to writing it! I promise to have it up next week!

I’ve been blogging well over a year now and I seriously LOVE it–so I don’t like skipping blog posts, but I def needed a week to relax, eat junk food, play with Penny, and not write very much.

I had a GREAT birthday. I ate a lot and got great presents from my family.

This was my first birthday since I was 10 that I didn’t have my Pudding with me, which was weird, but having Penny helps me so much. I think she likes celebrating birthdays. She definitely knows it’s a more festive day than any other.

Since I don’t have anything writing related to talk about this week, I’m going to post some pictures of Penny because, let’s face it, I am obsessed with taking pictures of her.

She’ll be 16 weeks on Monday 🙂

^^^ can you find the Penny amidst the toys??
Penny Belle is SO HYPER that most of the time when I try and take a pic of her it looks like this:

or this

^^^ that’s my leg she’s balancing on

Sometimes she hides underneath the pool table, like this:

But sometimes she’s calm (I swear it’s happened once or twice!) and the pics come out clear and show off how pretty she is!

^^^ enjoying coffee with me.

^^^ notice her heart shaped nose??

^^^ contemplating whether or not she wanted to nap after being awake and wreaking havoc for thirteen hours straight (the answer, unfortunately, was no.)

^^^ I call this “The Penny Belle Face” since it’s such a Penny expression.

^^^ so tiny!

^^^ being pretty!

see you next week!! xoxo