GUYS, it has happened!!!

So you might be wondering just HOW it happened.

A lot of you already know how I got my agent and how amazing Carrie has been throughout this entire process. After our last revision we both knew that my YA novel, AT FIRST BLUSH, was incredibly tight and polished, and would (hopefully) be the version to get a deal.

Spoiler alert: we were right!

I’ve read so many of these posts and always imagined how my HOW I GOT MY DEAL post would go, but the truth is I don’t even know where to begin. It all feels like SUCH a blur.

Here’s a timeline of how things went down.

I knew I was going to acquisitions for a few weeks, and of course I was nervous! But dwelling and obsessing on it doesn’t help much (doesn’t mean I didn’t dwell and obsess, it just didn’t help lol). I followed every writer’s advice and worked hard on my WIP (which I am completely crazy about), and enjoyed the warm weather. Besides my parents and brother, I told VERY few people, which was not as hard as I thought since thinking about it made me really nervous, and the less people knowing, the better for my psyche.

3:00pm on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015. My phone rings, and Carrie’s name pops up on the screen.

Carrie tells me that Bloomsbury offered on AT FIRST BLUSH.

It felt like everything I had ever worked for coming together.

It felt like climbing to the top of a mountain and then, rather than basking in it, just collapsing from the exhaustion of it all.

It felt like a dream coming true.

Above all else, it just feels RIGHT. I am so thrilled to be a Sparkie and am so happy to be working with an amazing editor like Meredith!!

Carrie and I celebrated with dinner Monday night. I keep forgetting that it was our first time meeting since honestly I feel like I’ve met her a million times. We had so much fun and even hit up Sephora afterwards, so it felt like living in my book!

On Saturday night, I’m going to my ALL TIME FAVORITE Mexican restaurant with my family. I love this place and haven’t been there in over a year, so it’s the perfect way to celebrate!