As I mentioned here I’ve been revising my YA MS this past month.

Well, I fought through all that procrastination and I am now finished, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about what I’ve been up to the last few months, writing-wise.

I went on submission with the MS in August. This is the best way I can describe being on sub: it’s this really cool sounding, elusive thing when you’re querying. It sounds all sparkly and exciting, and then suddenly you’re close enough to touch it!

Then the weeks go by and it’s like

and you’re like “I’m going to be an unpublished author forever!”

But you know that’s not true. Because hey, Beast turned back into a human, and the odds were seriously way more stacked against the poor guy.

As many things as I’ve read on the subject of sub, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew sub wasn’t too unlike querying in that an editor needs to fall in love with the project, but that was all I knew.

Sure I got antsy at times, but it wasn’t as terrible as I’d imagined (I’m here to talk about it, right?) Then again, I don’t have an addictive personality. I hate (and am allergic to) alcohol, I hate (and am allergic to) cigarettes, and I come from the DARE perspective that drugs are bad (it’s probably safe to assume I’d be allergic to any and all drugs as well.)

If any of the above is a vice for you, then maybe you’d beg to differ about being on sub not being the worst thing ever. (Also, you should stop doing those things!)

while I was on sub I read a LOT of YA.

And I noticed something kind of huge. The chemistry between characters like Anna and St. Clair in ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, or Cath and Levi in FANGIRL, or Remy and Dexter in THIS LULLABY was amazing. And I was pretty sure Lacey and Devon didn’t have that.

Fast forward to the end of October, and my Super Agent and I reviewed the editors’ notes. The editors were all amazingly helpful and kind, and frankly (and I cannot stress this enough) SPOT freaking ON.

I didn’t expect to be complimented so much in rejections, which was pretty exciting. I kind of squealed and fan girled a bit even though they were telling me no, which sort of made me question my mental health. But seriously. I’ve been reading books published by these houses since I was about 7 years old. Books that made me want to be a writer. It was surreal seeing so many incredible comments on my writing from editors that work at these houses.

^^^ basically, my childhood. Me reading The Babysitters Club. On a fountain. Surrounded by sheep.

To sum up, Carrie and I devised a new plan: break up THE INTERN DIARIES into two books. There were simply way too many things going on in one book.

Which made me extremely happy, since I LOVE WRITING LACEY.

The major change? In THE INTERN DIARIES, Lacey is a famous YouTube beauty guru tired of the fame, who’s contemplating leaving her job at a fashion magazine to intern with her best friend at a late night talk show.

The book is now called THE MAKEUP DIARIES (for now) and it’s about Lacey, a YouTube beauty guru on the rise. She is psyched to work for On Trend magazine. Her first real task? A photo shoot with an arrogant pop/rock star named Tyler Lance. A guy she tries desperately to pretend she hates. She can’t pretend for long though. Her best friend works at the late night talk show, so I allude to that place, and hint that there will be more to come there (and there will be. In book 2.)

The truth is I actually really love revising. It’s fun seeing how things change, and get way better.

I finished the revision last week and it’s agent-approved and a-go for after the new year. I’m not at all worried about sub this time for three major reasons: 1) I know what to expect, 2) all the little worries I had about the last version are smoothed over with this new version, and 3) I get to fill the time with working on book 2, with characters I already know and adore!

and now, since I seem to be on a Beauty and the Beast kick today, what blog about writing would be complete without a gif of THE library?