My Revision Pick-Me-Up

As I mentioned last week, I’m revising again. I have to say it’s looking SO good, and Carrie, as always, is so awesome…I think we’re both in agreement: this may be the best version of the book thus far.


I also, possibly, maybe, definitely have a title I love (I know this changes a lot through the pub process but I really like this title! More to come on that another time…)

One thing I am doing differently this round of revisions is making sure I take some breaks. When I have a specific deadline, my typical procrastination process is out the window, and I dive in hard. So I’m normally terrible at making myself take breaks when I’m really in a flow.

I am finding a balance now between taking quick breaks so I don’t lose my mind and full-on procrastination. One of my fav things to do is watch some classic Wheel of Fortune clips on YouTube. It really lifts my spirits and gives me a much needed burst of energy.

This one never fails to make me smile! I remember when it actually happened–pre YouTube days, if memory serves me correctly–and I always remembered it, so I’m super happy to watch it whenever I want now.

Please enjoy this classic Wheel moment!