My Writing Wish List!

I’ve never done one of these before, and always thought it would be fun! So here are the top things I want to see in the course of my writing career:

1) A book signing. And no, it doesn’t have to look like a One Direction concert.

Just knowing a few people loved my book enough to want to have it signed would make me so happy!

2. Receive some kind of art from a reader, a letter, or a sketch of my characters! It must be the best feeling.

3. To be a question in Trivia Crack.


4. I know how excited I get when a book’s about to drop from a fav author, I would love for someone to be that pumped for one of my books. I’d be happy with vague interest too!

5. Pure pipe dream but here it goes: I have always wanted a book launch so big it demands a Cupcake Wars episode, where I could go on the show and be a judge as bakers battle it out to have their cupcakes displayed at my launch party.



What’s on your writing wish list??