Nail Art

When it comes to all things makeup and beauty, I have to admit it: I neglect my nails. I keep them shaped and all, but I only apply nail polish about once a month. I have a ton of it (exhibit a) Untitled

and I have every intention to dig in, but it always just seems like a lot of work. Especially considering it always chips almost instantly.

But then I’ll watch MissJenFabulous’ nail art tutorials on YouTube (like I did tonight), and get inspired. (exhibit b)


Nail art

This was from her Spring nail art tutorial. She makes it look so easy, because her techniques are super easy and adorable. Plus, I modify by usually only doing one accent nail (even easier!) I did this bubbly flower design with my dotting tools…and I’m pretty much in love with it. I think I’m going to try and keep up some form of nail polish once a week, especially in the summer months.

How about you? Go the extra mile for a design, or content with just a clean look of polish?