Naked 3 Palette!



clockwise from top: Naked 1, Naked 2, Naked Basics, Naked 3

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I ALWAYS preface these posts by saying the following: I am NOT a makeup guru. I don’t film YouTube tutorials, and I am so far from any kind of expert. That being said, I love watching them, and writing about them! My MC, Lacey, is a YouTube makeup guru. In fact, I kind of wish she were real, because I’d totally be subscribed to her channel!


I am now the proud owner of the latest Urban Decay creation, the Naked 3 palette!

I am obsessed with the Naked palettes. The “hook” is that the colors are all pretty neutral but, save for the Naked Basics, they all have tons of shimmer (which I love).

The main reason I love these palettes so much is because I only very recently learned how to apply makeup (YouTube is really what taught me) and the first time I used Naked 1 I was extremely happy with the results. It’s FOOLPROOF. You cannot mess it up, and there are hundreds of combinations to create. Up until a few years ago the only shadows I managed to use on myself with minimal disasters were the Benefit cream shadows (which I still love but they dry out kind of fast.)

My favorite of the three UD Nakeds is the first one. It’s warm toned and the shadows all go best with my coloring. But there are some great shadows in the second one too. I JUST got the third since it was literally released like a week ago, but I have a feeling it may rival #1 , since it’s all rosey pink tones which happen to be my favorite.

look how shiny and sparkly 3 is!!!

Naked 3


UPDATE: I started this blog post a few days ago and now that I’ve tried the colors, I’m having some trouble. It seems with my pale complexion the pinks aren’t quite working yet. Oh well. I love a good challenge! Bring on the tutorials, pale gurus!