New Year, Old Shows, and Beautiful Books


Hope everyone had a great holiday break! I didn’t make any resolutions–I never do. I did read a lot…which felt great, since I’m a super slow reader when I’m revising. I’ve had a stack of books to get through for months now and I plowed through a bunch these past couple of weeks. I’m currently in the middle of The Selection trilogy (just finished the first book) and am surprisingly in love. I say surprisingly because I was skeptical, seeing as it has a dystopian feel and I’m a really hard sell on any genre that’s not contemporary, but I’m adoring this series so far. And the covers are like artwork.



other than that, I was very excited about the annual WPIX The Honeymooners marathon on new year’s day. I’ve watched this basically every year since I was about 10. Nothing screams “New Year, New Opportunities, Fresh Start” quite like my favorite episodes of a show I’ve seen hundreds of times. I do feel a little incomplete this year since the network cut in to show an hour’s worth of the mayor’s inauguration, but oh well.

What did you do/not do this holiday break?

Here’s to more books, more writing, and, of course, more makeup in 2014!